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The Confidence Challenge is Completed!

The Confidence Challenge is now complete! Well done if you completed all of the challenges during the month. But don’t forget, you can take on these challenges any time as needed.

Confidence is a muscle to be flexed again and again.

confidence challenge 2019



Throughout the challenge, I hope I have inspired you to look at confidence in a new way. Seeing that confidence is something we are all able to strengthen within ourselves.

Throughout the month, we covered:


Here is the Confidence Challenge checklist for your referral again and again:

Confidence Challenge Checklist


I want you to simply take away from this month that confidence is not something that you either have or you don’t. It’s not about what you’re born with. It’s something you can cultivate at any time in your life. It’s a spectrum, a muscle, a practice, a choice that can be worked on (and should be) again and again.

Refer back to this content whenever you need to shift your mindset on confidence. Whenever you feel less confident.

Here’s the playlist from YouTube for you to binge at any moment:


Thank you for taking part and sharing it with me. I appreciate you all.

Speak soon x


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