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The Undoing Series: The Control, Create, Compete Culture Cycle

In the last podcast episode, I came up with this idea: Control, Create and Compete Culture. We'll call it the 3Cs. Today I will be walking you through what I mean by these things and why we (some of us) have a toxic relationship with them in our society today. Control Firstly, control. I have… Continue reading The Undoing Series: The Control, Create, Compete Culture Cycle

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Ranting About Overwhelm and Societal Exhaustion

Today I'm ranting about how overwhelm and exhaustion are a given in our society right now. How unhealthy and yet easy it is to feel stressed and tired from the amount of information we are exposed to and the number of things we're expected to do in order to be worthy. Nah thanks! Click to… Continue reading Ranting About Overwhelm and Societal Exhaustion

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“Self-help” books I’ve read and enjoyed

These books aren’t all categorised as self-help and I think I agree with Leena Norms on YouTube who said that the genre “self-help” is a little confusing anyway. It’s not really self-help, it’s getting advice and help from someone else! And then using it yourself, which is what we do with anything we read, right?… Continue reading “Self-help” books I’ve read and enjoyed

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Making Healthier Decisions for Yourself: Think Natural

This is advice I'm trying to follow for myself in order to make healthier decisions in my everyday life. One of my guiding intentions for 2021 is to take steps closer to what is more natural and good for me. To make healthier long-term decisions for my body, mind, and spirit. Here is just an… Continue reading Making Healthier Decisions for Yourself: Think Natural

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Journal Entry on Rising Anxiety

I think right now I just don’t feel grounded at all. Like my foundations are tectonic plates shifting. It’ll either cause mountains of beauty ... or an erupting volcano or a straight up earthquake. I don’t know which. I don’t feel in control of the outcome. It’s overwhelming, confusing, tiring, discombobulating, and has caused a… Continue reading Journal Entry on Rising Anxiety

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20 Films to watch in November and December for all the feel-good vibes

ElfHome AlonePolar ExpressSanta Clause 1 & 2 The Christmas ChroniclesFrozen 1 & 2Jingle Jangle Cool Runnings Rise of the Guardians Mrs DoubtfirePixar marathon Harry Potter marathon Disney marathonParent TrapBeethoven The Grinch Cheaper By The DozenThe Princess Diaries Sister Act Doctor Dolittle