Doing things before you're ready
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Life Update: Doing Things Before You’re Ready (podcast)

As of the time of recording this, I have just finished my first week at my new job! And so, I wanted to give you a life update and talk about how I have been getting on. All with the theme of doing things before you're ready (like a boss!)... Click to play! xx

careful what you identify with
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Careful What You Identify With (podcast)

I've been thinking about how I see myself and the negative things that I have been identifying with. We all create our own reality with the narrative we tell ourselves. So, be careful with what you are identifying with (consciously or not)... Click to play! xx

endings and beginnings
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Endings and Beginnings (podcast)

All things come to an end, but that ending also means a new beginning. We often focus on the negatives with endings and scary beginnings, but there is so much beauty in a fresh start and a prosperous new chapter. With Spring on its way, new beginnings and rebirth are things we should embrace more… Continue reading Endings and Beginnings (podcast)

always be learning
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Always Be Learning (podcast)

I am about to become a learner again (not a student, but a learner). I'm starting a new job, and so I will be in a stage of learning new things, new environments and from new people. And that's okay! Being a beginner can be scary, but learning should be exciting and fun and never… Continue reading Always Be Learning (podcast)

the wisdom to know the difference
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The Wisdom to Know the Difference (podcast)

“Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” In today's podcast, we're talking about how to gain the wisdom to know the difference between what you should and shouldn't do in life... Click to play! *as mentioned in… Continue reading The Wisdom to Know the Difference (podcast)

4 ways to cope with new and scary things
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4 Ways to Cope with New and Scary Things

At some point in life, we will have to step into the unknown...which is a hellah scary thing to do! I'm doing just that right now, starting something completely new and terrifying. And so, here are 4 ways I've wrapped my head around the idea, to be able to cope and take that step with… Continue reading 4 Ways to Cope with New and Scary Things

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Says Who? Dismissing Other People’s Rulebooks (podcast)

Once again I'm talking about doing things your way! I think there's a pattern here...I have an unconventional spirit, what can I say?! But today is some quick rambly advice about dismissing the rules set by others and doing whatever you need to do for you. Click to play! xx