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Pep Talk and Tips for Writers With Low Self Esteem

I’ve been hearing a phrase that I don’t like lately and I think it’s even more horrible coming from a writer’s mouth. “I need…” Why do I hate this? Because it sounds like desperation. I sounds like a task or a chore. Writing shouldn’t feel that way. Not at first, especially. You don’t need to… Continue reading Pep Talk and Tips for Writers With Low Self Esteem


“Adult” things I actually enjoy

Seeing my savings go upBooking holidays Planning holidays Seeing my dog with a fresh trimPutting away the grocery shopping/seeing the cupboards full Giving advice to the younger generation (as if I know what the hell I’m doing)Ticking things off a to-do list Fresh bedsheets Putting on a load of washingCooking a great meal Self-education A… Continue reading “Adult” things I actually enjoy


Defining a challenge = defining success

This year I’ve challenged myself in many ways. My focus for 2022 was to enjoy myself and trust myself again, but I did end up tagging on a little extra in that I wanted to challenge myself quarterly (at least). And I’ve done that well so far; in fact I’ve challenged myself quite a lot… Continue reading Defining a challenge = defining success