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A different New Year’s perspective

I think we need to bring balance to this New Year. Where we set goals or intentions or to-do lists, but we also let go of shame and anger that comes with not achieving those things. I’m someone who believes in ambition and doing your best and trying to improve. But I’m also learning about… Continue reading A different New Year’s perspective

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Make Life More Comfortable and Enjoyable (podcast)

I'm sorry that I've been absent so much lately. I did anticipate this, but with work, university, writing projects, and moving house recently, I've been a busy bee. Here is my penultimate podcast episode of the year, rambling about the little things and how we can make life a little more enjoyable and thus better… Continue reading Make Life More Comfortable and Enjoyable (podcast)

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Identity and Self-Awareness Questionnaire

I've recently been asking myself these questions, because I've not felt sure of myself. My confidence is waning. I haven't been sure of who I am and what I want. Also, I've only just emerged out into the world as an independent woman, so I'm still figuring it all out and being confident in saying… Continue reading Identity and Self-Awareness Questionnaire

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Tending to the Foundations of Who You Are (podcast)

Who are you? That's a loaded question, isn't it?! But it's an important one. A question that has been rattling me a little lately, so I wanted to explore the importance of knowing who we are, what can happen if you don't, and soon I will have a questionnaire coming about what to do to… Continue reading Tending to the Foundations of Who You Are (podcast)

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A Life and Content Update (podcast)

Hey guys, today I'm updating you on: What I read this summer and my year's reading goalMy summer writing goal, finished stories, etc.My bike riding intentions and fearsGoing back to work for a new academic yearBack to university for Third Year and a new moduleWhat I want to do with my content for the rest… Continue reading A Life and Content Update (podcast)