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Your Insecurities Aren’t Special (podcast)

We all have insecurities, that much has always been clear; but what if I said we all have the same ones in common, it's just they manifest in different ways? Today I'm rambling and ranting about insecurities, emotional triggers, and our fear that we don't stake up. I'll be tackling the big three: Intelligence Body… Continue reading Your Insecurities Aren’t Special (podcast)

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You Are Not Selfish: Selfishness V. Self-Care (podcast)

Have you ever been called selfish by someone you care about, and then questioned if it was true? I have. Or at least, I've been made to feel selfish for choosing myself. And this isn't uncommon, which is why I also did a post about guilt not long ago. But I give you permission to… Continue reading You Are Not Selfish: Selfishness V. Self-Care (podcast)

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Finding Clarity Series

While in lockdown, I've naturally done a lot of soul-searching, thought-challenging, and taking steps towards my year's motto/goal/intention ("see things clearly"). I have been unexpectedly successful in this endeavour. I didn't expect to readthe perfect books for my journey. There's a lot I've learned about myself and this journey has led to much more clarity… Continue reading Finding Clarity Series

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The Confidence Challenge is Completed!

The Confidence Challenge is now complete! Well done if you completed all of the challenges during the month. But don't forget, you can take on these challenges any time as needed. Confidence is a muscle to be flexed again and again.   Throughout the challenge, I hope I have inspired you to look… Continue reading The Confidence Challenge is Completed!

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What It Means to Love Yourself Unconditionally

Whenever I advocate for self-love or acceptance, I don't mean just love and accept yourself as you are and never work for or strive for better. I mean that you should love yourself unconditionally. Let me explain...   Unconditional Love looks like Think about someone that you love unconditionally. I'm going to use my mother… Continue reading What It Means to Love Yourself Unconditionally

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Self-Improvement: Is It Really What You Need Right Now?

I think there's a difference between self-improvement and internal work. Self-improvement is improving your: Intellect Productivity Diet Sleep Fitness Communication Routine and habits Work Finances And so on... But then the internal work is more about the heavy stuff. It comes from the Gunk inside of you laced together by trauma, failure, shame, fear, resentment,… Continue reading Self-Improvement: Is It Really What You Need Right Now?