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My Personal List of Good Things From 2019

I usually do a sort of achievement list at the end of each year. It’s a way of patting myself on the back for progressing and achieving and doing good things for myself.

But this year hasn’t felt so great; I feel I have less to say and share with you guys. So, here’s a shorter list of things that were positive from this year for me personally.

I hope it helps you to reflect on your own year and find the positives. It wasn’t until writing my list that I realised perhaps this year wasn’t as bad as I thought it was…

(In no particular order)

  1. Wrote 35k of a contemporary drama fiction novel (my first real one)
  2. Wrote 15k of an MG fantasy novel
  3. Wrote 20k of a YA fantasy novel
  4. Wrote half of different YA fantasy novel (my current W.I.P.)
  5. Upgraded my website
  6. Published loads of content to my website
  7. Maintained and grew my podcast; changed the name to Mindset Managed
  8. Lost weight
  9. Many fun doggy days out and about
  10. Ice skating and going so fast and confident around the rink!
  11. Read 20 books
  12. Got a new job
  13. Started studying again
  14. Created and completed the Confidence Challenge!
  15. Created and published workbooks for guided self-reflection
  16. Saw my partner Graduate!!
  17. Witnessed my brother’s wedding!!!
  18. Completed the Bear Grylls challenges and flew in the air simulator for my birthday
  19. Went to Alton Towers theme park
  20. Met author Angie Thomas and had her sign her books (she also told me she wants a signed copy of my own books once I make it!)
  21. Watched my partner do so well in his American Football team and win the Rookie of the Year award
  22. Was shortlisted for the Mental Health Blogger of the Year award!
  23. Submitted my first university assignment and received a 2:1 grade
  24. Visited my first pumpkin patch
  25. Improved in my yoga practice
  26. Maintained a regular journal all year
  27. Made new friends
  28. Reached out to old friends
  29. Went to a spa twice and had massages and afternoon tea!
  30. Watched many, many new films (we go every week!)
  31. Started jogging
  32. Uploaded YouTube videos
  33. Sold unwanted clothes and things online (decluttered and organised my space)
  34. Read many non-fiction self-development books to better myself (emotionally and mentally)
  35. Family parties with the new babies!
  36. Outdoor cinema watching Harry Potter


Now that I look back, this year was a good one. I didn’t make loads of money, or complete a manuscript, or publish a book, or get married or pregnant; I didn’t graduate, or travel, or do something socially accepted as “great” or “interesting” but it was a good year nonetheless!

Years have peaks and valleys; ups and downs. We can label a year as bad or good purely by our own perception of it. I choose to see it, now, as a good year. And I sincerely hope yours was good, too.

Here’s to 2020; may it bring the wonders we desire… I have a feeling it will…


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