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5 Personal Challenge Ideas to Set Yourself This Year

A good way to focus your year, quarter, or month is to set yourself a challenge. It doesn't need to be a big challenge, or a particularly hard one. It is just a fun and goal-oriented way to have something productive or healthy to do for yourself. Remember, this is a personal challenge! It's up… Continue reading 5 Personal Challenge Ideas to Set Yourself This Year

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Stop Giving Away Your Power (podcast)

In today's podcast episode, I'm talking passionately about our self-worth and self-esteem and how these are affected by how much power we give to external things. We mindlessly give away energy, power, thoughts, feelings, and time to things that don't deserve it. We rely too heavily on external things, when we need more self-trust above… Continue reading Stop Giving Away Your Power (podcast)

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Think About It: What Would Your Role Model Do?

In times of struggle or indecision, ask yourself, what would the most important or influential person you know do in that situation?   As in... What would Jesus do? What would Beyonce do? What would mom do? What would J.K. Rowling do? What would Oprah do? What would Brene Brown do?   I've heard this… Continue reading Think About It: What Would Your Role Model Do?

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Changes and New Beginnings (Podcast)

No matter where you are or who you are, things will change. It's the only guarantee in life. Having the right mindset around changes and transitions is the only way to find happiness in new beginnings... Click to play!   Thanks for listening. Don't forget you can follow my podcast on Apple Podcasts and Spotify… Continue reading Changes and New Beginnings (Podcast)

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The Confidence Challenge is Completed!

The Confidence Challenge is now complete! Well done if you completed all of the challenges during the month. But don't forget, you can take on these challenges any time as needed. Confidence is a muscle to be flexed again and again.   Throughout the challenge, I hope I have inspired you to look… Continue reading The Confidence Challenge is Completed!

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How Trusting Yourself Means Confidence

Second to last video for the confidence challenge! It's been a long month but a good one. I'm so glad I did the challenge and this video is very important even if you haven't' watched them all. Trust yourself... Click to play! This week's worksheet: Confidence Challenge Week Five Worksheet Checklist for the challenge:… Continue reading How Trusting Yourself Means Confidence