You’re As Mad As I Am

You’re As Mad As I Am – a self-help book

You're As Mad As I Am (FINAL)

Do your hands shake? Does your heart race? Do you find it hard to get out of bed every day? Well then, this book is for you.

Hey, friend. I hope you’re OK. I know you’ve been feeling stressed, low, and full of fear lately; I’ve felt the same. But it’s time for it to stop, isn’t it?

I’m glad you’ve found my guide, for it can be a friend to you if you let it. Here, I speak about my experiences with anxiety, depression, and stress, whilst showing you how you can use certain techniques to find relief from their effects.

This book is an easy to read, how-to guide that runs through 30 techniques for coping better or elevating the pressures of anxiety, depression, and stress. The reason why this friendly guide works so well is because it is written by a fellow sufferer, who is actively using the very same techniques as a way to better themselves, too.

Whether you are suffering for the first time, or from a lasting disorder, this book will definitely have active practices that can help to change your life.

Techniques include:
•Yoga & Meditation
•And many more

Together, we will be ok. This book will be your go-to friend whenever you’re falling. You will get through this, I promise, because, “You’re As Mad As I Am.


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