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Goals and Focus Builds Confidence

I believe that having the right goals, focus, and intentions in life can leave you feeling more confident. Here’s why…

How Goals, Focus & Intentions Build Confidence



I see goal-setting as a natural part of life. It’s like setting a North Star for yourself over a lifetime, a year, a month, or even a week or day. It’s a way of saying to yourself, “This is my focus, my desire, and I will make it happen for this reason or in this timeslot to make me and my life better.

Here are some goals that can help you to build confidence:


Break it down


There are many layers to Health as a goal. (Read this post on how I feel we have the idea of health wrong).


The first is perhaps the most obvious; your physical health. This is your fitness and your body. This involves paying attention to diet, activity level, nutrition, and physical strength.

But it’s important to know that this shouldn’t be the only focus for your health goals…



This is ensuring that you’re cultivating a healthy, stable, fulfilling social life for yourself. This means getting enough social time, having social time that feels good for you personally, and to feel a real connection to other people. We are, by nature, social beings and so this is an important part of our wellness.

Fixing your social health could be a great goal for confidence building.



People often don’t realise that emotional health is a thing. They confuse it with mental health. But I feel they should each be considered deeply and separately.

Emotional health is about your psychological foundations, your past, your experiences and how they have left behind what I call “emotional scars” or “emotional wounds” that inform who you are now and how things affect you.

This includes the things that make you sad, angry, jealous, anxious, defensive, ashamed, judged, criticised and the like. Your emotional reactivity informs you of your emotional health and potential scars and wounds that may need to be healed.

Check out this post for more: Self-Work



This is becoming more well-known now (thankfully). It’s important to check in on your mind. To nurture it, rest it and work it to keep it as healthy as you would your body.

This means reading, relaxing, challenging yourself, doing self-reflection, journaling, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, walking, exercising, organisation, productivity, life balance, eating well, and more.

Strong mental wellness is key to confidence.

Check out my mental health posts for more.



Where do you want your career to go? Is there someone 5 years ahead of you in your field that you can look at to see if that’s where you would like to be, too? Does your career fulfil you in more ways than just financial? Is it challenging enough? Is it stressful in a negative way? Is it a good environment for you to work in?

What can you do to change it?



Who is in your life and what do they bring to it? Do you have people who make you feel good or bad? Do you have many types of relationships: friends, colleagues, mentors, family, romantic love, club friends/ hobby buddies, and more? Are you fulfilled on a social level? Are you giving and taking fairly?

What can you do to change that?


Personal growth

What are the areas in your life or yourself that could do with some tweaking? How could you grow and change to feel more you?

Personal growth is a lifelong journey and it’s not about self-loathing or fixing; it’s about rebirth, nurturing, strengthening and bettering because you love yourself and you want to be the best you.

It’s personal growth for a reason. It’s personal! So, do what you need to do or want to do for you, and that’s a great goal to set and one that will bring unwavering confidence while doing.


Having something to strive towards feels good, you suddenly care less about what others are doing.


The Power of Focus

When you’re focused on a path that feels good, real, exciting and true for you and what you want from life, you look around at others less. You have your eyes so focused on your thing that you feel good and confident in what you’re doing, even when it’s not going perfectly and even if others try to shake you along the way.

Cultivating a personal image of success and happiness is crucial. It will give you a focus that creates tunnel-vision goals, intentions, and desire that makes you feel more confident and happy on your own path in life.

The truth about purpose and passions is that it’s not necessarily just one thing. It’s not necessarily something that will be in your life forever. And not necessarily something that is career-based or specific or complicated.

But finding yours will guide you in life, inform your decisions, keep you grounded, and help you to feel happier and more confident in who you are and what you want.

Here’s a post about purpose and passion.



When you have a focus, a purpose, a passion; when you have goals big and small; you start to live your life with more intention. You ask yourself, “does this thing support or serve the life I want to create for myself?” and if not, you discard it.

That’s a great way to live and it inspires confidence. It’s all about authenticity, self-truth, self-actualisation, meaning, and purpose. All things that bring confidence.

This means setting Seasonal Intentions, doing Monthly or Quarterly Reviews, and basically being organised and purposeful about your choices in life – while learning to adapt and go with the flow when needed, too.

Ask yourself “What are you willing to do and allow in your life? What are you unwilling to allow?”

Cultivate authentic wants, needs and desires. Create a strong Mission Statement as it were for your life, and watch it become clear, focused, and unwavering, while you feel more confident!


Your challenge today, should you choose to accept it, is to set a new daring goal that excites you!

And please, share if you wish!

This week’s worksheet to complete: Confidence Challenge Week Four Worksheet

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