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100 Little Things to Be Happy About

This list started off as 50, then 75, then 100! I’m sorry, I just love lists so much!

It can be so easy to slip into complaining or worrying about things not being the way we want them to be. But every day, there are hundreds of little blessings being sent our way which we are missing.

Take your time to read this list and refer back to it when you’ve forgotten to smile about the little things in life – which are, after all, rather big…

  1. How excited your dog is to see you
  2. Smell of porridge
  3. Naps
  4. Opening a new book
  5. That click of your back when you get a good stretch or twist
  6. Candles
  7. A morning shower
  8. Pixar movies
  9. Amazon parcel deliveries
  10. I know right!” aka vibing with someone
  11. Thinking up a small poem randomly in the day
  12. Forehead kisses
  13. Seeing your mom
  14. Freshly cleaned bedsheets
  15. Lying on someone
  16. Running full speed down a clear path
  17. Freshly washed, dry towel
  18. Word games
  19. Seeing your grandparents
  20. Thinking of something and randomly smiling to yourself (hopefully this list does that for you!)
  21. Flowers
  22. Writing lists
  23. Dancing to your favourite song
  24. Singing to your favourite song
  25. Your childhood cartoons
  26. Your pet’s head resting on your as they sleep
  27. Someone special playing with your hair
  28. Massages on your neck or shoulders or feet
  29. Going to the park
  30. Looking through old photos
  31. Harry Potter marathons
  32. Crisp autumn leaves
  33. Long sunny summer days
  34. Sunrises
  35. Sunsets
  36. Waking without an alarm
  37. An outfit that feels great on you
  38. Getting lost in reading for ages
  39. Your favourite youtuber has posted a new video
  40. A new season of your favourite show
  41. Slippers and dressing gowns
  42. A cat’s purring
  43. Your dog has a fresh trim
  44. You have a fresh trim
  45. Getting your eyeliner and mascara right the first time!
  46. Morning fresh air
  47. Quiet morning walks
  48. That new game you wanted to play
  49. Blanket days
  50. Rainy days when you don’t need to leave the house
  51. Sleepy Sundays
  52. Finishing a book
  53. A new journal
  54. No makeup days
  55. The euphoria and good ache after a workout
  56. Finding the moon in the daytime
  57. Smiles and “morning!” from strangers
  58. Cuddling on the sofa (with someone or pet)
  59. Discovering a new word that rolls nicely off the tongue
  60. Finally being able to do that yoga pose (or other) that you used to struggle with
  61. Decluttering your wardrobe
  62. Tidying and cleaning your space
  63. A new lip or nail colour that makes you feel like a goddess!
  64. The radio playing consistently banging songs
  65. Remember when…
  66. The first sip of coffee or tea
  67. Finding someone who loves a show or book as much as you do
  68. Fresh fruit or veg
  69. Hugging someone for longer than 10 seconds
  70. Cooking a tasty meal
  71. When the food arrives at the table
  72. Decorating
  73. Baking cakes
  74. A new song or album that just gets you in every way
  75. Inside jokes
  76. Grass or sand on bare feet
  77. Popcorn
  78. Fluffy socks
  79. Window seats
  80. Sun filtering in through the windows
  81. Rainbows
  82. Double rainbows!
  83. Kittens and puppies and small furry things
  84. Onomatopoeia
  85. Accents and foreign languages
  86. New beginnings
  87. Spring
  88. Babies cooing
  89. A child’s wonder
  90. Someone standing up for you
  91. Jumpers and cardigans
  92. Colours
  93. New notebooks
  94. Butterflies
  95. Swings
  96. The opening of a bud
  97. Text messages or calls from friends or loved ones just asking how you are; “I was thinking about you…
  98. Italics
  99. A new month on the calendar and a clean slate
  100. Your favourite author has released a new book

When we forget the little things, we become deeply sad. When we remember them, we are eternally grateful.



S. xx

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