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When Your Identity is Questioned (podcast)

Are you feeling like you're not good enough? Like who you are is being examined and questioned? Yeah, same... I think part of the issue (which I didn't talk about in the episode because I rushed it, to be honest, is this culture of perfectionism and performance. Where we want to be, NEED to be,… Continue reading When Your Identity is Questioned (podcast)

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Ode to the socially anxious

Are socially anxious people always acting? Always completing a stage performance? “Lights, camera, action!” every time they leave their home? I deserve an Oscar. Countless times have I stepped up onto the stage of life and performed until I felt weak. Feigning fascination until I feel faint. The mask seems glued to my face now.… Continue reading Ode to the socially anxious

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Trying to explain what anxiety and panic feels like

Your thoughts come in rogue waves, tumbling and fumbling over one another, demanding to be heard. Hot electricity bolting through your veins without pattern or prediction. Bubbling, boiling bile acidic in your stomach and growing wider and wider. Breaths caught between your chest and your throat, rising falling rising falling rising falling in quick sharp… Continue reading Trying to explain what anxiety and panic feels like