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Choosing Peace in Each Moment: Two-Part Episode (podcast)

Today's episode is a two-parter because I merged two shorter episodes that both explored the same concept: inner peace. More importantly, choosing peace for yourself, your life, and in each moment. We always have a choice. We get to choose reaction, hurt, hate, disconnection, or worthiness, clarity, beauty, love, and peace. I choose peace. This… Continue reading Choosing Peace in Each Moment: Two-Part Episode (podcast)

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Let’s Talk About Guilt

If you are someone who often finds yourself feeling guilty (like me), then this post is for you. I think that guilt has its place. As Brene Brown says, it highlights where we have failed to do something we know we should. However, I also believe some of us, perhaps the sensitive or lower self-esteem… Continue reading Let’s Talk About Guilt

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10 Ways to Embrace Spring and the New Beginning

I like to set seasonal intentions to ensure I make the most of the season I’m in, as well as having goals and personal to-dos to look forward to. Here are some things to get you started with it being Spring and therefore a time of new beginnings and rebirth... 1. Switch up your routine… Continue reading 10 Ways to Embrace Spring and the New Beginning

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25th Birthday Ramble and Reflections (podcast)

It's my birthday and so I thought I'd do some thinking and share all the thoughts and feelings I'm having now that I'm a quarter of a century years old! Topics covered in the ramble: How things change so quickly Intentions and taking steps Seeking clarity Spirituality Self-awareness Fears Transformation and Evolving Balance Click to… Continue reading 25th Birthday Ramble and Reflections (podcast)

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Quarterly Review and Reflections 2020

With it now being April, we have moved into the second quarter of the year and Spring to boot. Therefore, this is the perfect time to look back and reflect on a few things... (Read to the end and download a workbook to help guide you through your quarterly review!)   How are the resolutions/… Continue reading Quarterly Review and Reflections 2020