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Undoing Series: I’m better than you because my problems are worse… erm what?!

Continuing the Undoing Series, I wanted to talk about our obsession with competition, even for things we don’t actually need or want to “win” at. As the title suggests, I mean how we compete over who has it worse! It’s ridiculous, right, but I bet you’ve said the following before: Well I didn’t sleep at… Continue reading Undoing Series: I’m better than you because my problems are worse… erm what?!

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Confessions of an Overthinking Mind (podcast)

For a few weeks, I've felt a little off. Not bad, just off. An ickiness has settled into my body and I've needed a shift in energy to get rid of it. I've analysed myself, hated myself, beat myself up. I've been a perfectionist and berated myself for not stacking up. Here are my confessions… Continue reading Confessions of an Overthinking Mind (podcast)

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“Self-help” books I’ve read and enjoyed

These books aren’t all categorised as self-help and I think I agree with Leena Norms on YouTube who said that the genre “self-help” is a little confusing anyway. It’s not really self-help, it’s getting advice and help from someone else! And then using it yourself, which is what we do with anything we read, right?… Continue reading “Self-help” books I’ve read and enjoyed

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Journal Entry on Rising Anxiety

I think right now I just don’t feel grounded at all. Like my foundations are tectonic plates shifting. It’ll either cause mountains of beauty ... or an erupting volcano or a straight up earthquake. I don’t know which. I don’t feel in control of the outcome. It’s overwhelming, confusing, tiring, discombobulating, and has caused a… Continue reading Journal Entry on Rising Anxiety