How Consumption Affects Our Health

At some point or another, most adults will consider trying to fix or perfect the following: Their hairSkinBody shapeMuscle tone/definitionSleepDietRelationshipsProductivityFinancesConfidenceFitness in generalMental or emotional healthAnd so on Trying to fix and perfect these things, I think we all can agree, is a pretty difficult task. What if I told you that there’s one thing that… Continue reading How Consumption Affects Our Health

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List of Alternative Therapies for Mental Health

Traditional therapy may not be for everyone, I know, so here are some alternatives. Some of these are real, recognised forms of therapy to help treat mental illness or better mental health in general; others are therapeutic exercises or activities that many find beneficial to their mental health.   Holistic therapy This is just a… Continue reading List of Alternative Therapies for Mental Health

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Why Our Society Needs Meditative Practices

Many people turn their noses up whenever someone mentions yoga or meditation. They feel that it is "not for them" even though they've never really tried it, or brush it off as hippie-dippie mumbo jumbo. Well, I'm here to try to convince the naysayers that meditative practices have a place in the Western world, and… Continue reading Why Our Society Needs Meditative Practices