A different New Year’s perspective

I think we need to bring balance to this New Year. Where we set goals or intentions or to-do lists, but we also let go of shame and anger that comes with not achieving those things. I’m someone who believes in ambition and doing your best and trying to improve. But I’m also learning about… Continue reading A different New Year’s perspective

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Make Life More Comfortable and Enjoyable (podcast)

I'm sorry that I've been absent so much lately. I did anticipate this, but with work, university, writing projects, and moving house recently, I've been a busy bee. Here is my penultimate podcast episode of the year, rambling about the little things and how we can make life a little more enjoyable and thus better… Continue reading Make Life More Comfortable and Enjoyable (podcast)


What I want from my life… (journal entry)

Actually, I do want to settle down. I want the beautiful home that welcomes me everyday with comfort and security. I want a husband I trust unconditionally, who supports me and helps me when I'm weak and failing but claps for me when I'm strong and succeeding. I want to meet my children and find… Continue reading What I want from my life… (journal entry)

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Feeling Safe: What Makes a Good Relationship (not just romantic)

Aside from feeling physically safe, which we all should feel in relationships, I wanted to explore some other ways that we should feel safe with our closest connections. This is what a healthy relationship looks like between two people: they both should feel safe to... Safe to be your true self Firstly, you should not… Continue reading Feeling Safe: What Makes a Good Relationship (not just romantic)

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Why You’re Unhappy (podcast)

Today's podcast episode is about why you might be unhappy in life and in general (current awful climate of the world notwithstanding!). I will walk you through 6 ways we make ourselves unhappy, alongside a recognition of the dystopian nightmare we're living in right now and how I am sending so much love your way.… Continue reading Why You’re Unhappy (podcast)