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How to Take Taking Care of Yourself Seriously

We’re all different with different needs and different ways of going after things that are important to us. But for many of us, taking care of ourselves is something we want (hopefully that’s all of us!) but we don’t take it seriously enough.


First things first

I’m writing this as a 25-year-old, diagnosed with social anxiety, suffering from bouts of anxiety, almost overweight (according to the NHS calculator) and trying to be better, like I assume you are.

Secondly, health and wellness is a MASSIVE umbrella category. When someone says they’re a healthy person (or want to be), I wonder if they mean in every possible way?

  • Money?
  • Fitness?
  • Hair?
  • Skin?
  • Sleep?
  • Diet?
  • Relationships?
  • Communication?
  • Education?
  • Problem-solving?
  • Emotional intelligence?
  • The list goes on and on

We all need to realise that what works for one doesn’t always work for another. As in, it’s your job to figure out how your mind and body works and then make a plan for how to care for it.

Also, it’s your job to recognise the many things that come together to influence and affect your health on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, basis.


How to take it seriously

Let’s just brain dump some key ideas on what it means/looks like to take our overall health seriously.

  • Make it a priority
  • Make it routine
  • Make it a natural habit
  • Track any progress or dips
  • Have a checklist
  • A Must-Do list for every day
  • Go-to practices to keep you stable
  • Self-awareness to witness and pay attention to how our minds and bodies are feeling: journaling, body scans, mindfulness and being in the moment

So, for me, this looks like holding yourself accountable for your health (not blaming others or giving in to hopelessness), getting a routine together that you know works, and paying attention. Simple!

Not quite.

It’s hard, and it also involves a lot of trial and error. You might think a running routine is great for mental and physical health, but find that you hate running. That’s fine! Not everyone is a runner type. It’s about finding what works for you. What gets your heart rate going.


Categories for taking care of yourself like a boss!

  • Mental and emotional health
  • Physical health
  • Financial health
  • Social health

All areas of health overlap and coincide with one another. As in, if you focus on your physical health (working out, eating well, sleeping well etc.) you are likely to feel better within yourself emotionally and mentally, too. Your mind will work with you, rather than against you all the time. You may feel more confident and that will impact your social health, too.

BUT, this isn’t the same for everyone and it doesn’t work as perfectly as that. “If I work out and eat well, everything in life will be perfect!” No, no, no…

You need focus and attention in all of these areas. At the very least, checking up on yourself and how you feel in all of these areas.

Something feels off? Attempt to find the reason and seek solutions/habits that you can implement to feel better and healthier.



I would be here forever if I tried to explain all areas of health and all the ways you should try to take care of yourself as a whole! Instead, I created a checklist for overall health that you can download for free and refer back to every other week, in order to check-in and get to know your body, mind, social life, finances, and emotions!

Overall Health checklist download here!

how to be healthy overall


Last Thoughts

So, if you finally want to take care of yourself seriously, bear all these things in mind.

  • Health is not an end destination where you’re done, you’re perfect, you don’t need to do anything else.
  • Many things are influencing your health every day; toned abs and glowing skin aren’t all that matters.
  • There’s a difference between looking good and feeling good. Seek to gain both.
  • There’s no real one-size-fits-all formula, I’m afraid!
  • Health is not a trend! Don’t believe everything you see on social media.
  • If you need help, get it. 
  • This isn’t about your body size; it’s about your body image (how you see your body, no matter it’s actual size, says a lot about how healthy you are internally)


Better health is not a punishment; it is freedom.


There’s a lot to learn about how to be healthy; open your mind, practice, take in new information, and care about what it means for YOU to be the healthiest you that you can be!


Health is a lifestyle; a choice you make every day.


Take care.


S. xx

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