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Emotional Exhaustion and Self-Compassion in Trying Times

Right now we are in hard times. 2020 feels like a dystopian novel that just won't end. It is hitting all of us and I wanted to take a moment to push for self-compassion and to warn you of emotional exhaustion and the very real dangers that come with not looking after yourself right now.… Continue reading Emotional Exhaustion and Self-Compassion in Trying Times

Life & Stuff · Mental Health

Finding Clarity Series

While in lockdown, I've naturally done a lot of soul-searching, thought-challenging, and taking steps towards my year's motto/goal/intention ("see things clearly"). I have been unexpectedly successful in this endeavour. I didn't expect to read the perfect books for my journey. There's a lot I've learned about myself and this journey has led to much more… Continue reading Finding Clarity Series