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How to Stop Being Tired All The Time

Aside from getting more sleep (getting the right amount), here are some ideas from me on what might be making you feel tired all the time and the fixes you can make to feel like you have more energy.   Environment It is important to take note of your surroundings as they may be making… Continue reading How to Stop Being Tired All The Time

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Overall Health Checklist

Here are 50 things to check to ensure optimum healthiness in all areas of yourself and your life!   Have you had your 5-a-Day? Walked for at least 30 minutes today? Have you exercised in some form? Stretched and moved your body aptly? In any pain? Does it need checking out? Maintained a healthy standing-to-sitting… Continue reading Overall Health Checklist

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How to Stop Caring What People Think (Podcast)

Are you someone who cares too much about what other people think of you? Do other people hold power over your emotions, your worth, and your confidence? Here's how to stop caring what other people think and how to build your self-confidence. Click to play! This week's worksheet to complete: Confidence Challenge Week Three Worksheet… Continue reading How to Stop Caring What People Think (Podcast)

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Belonging & Community in Adulthood

*Part of the Identity Series* I believe that a lot of our personal struggles in adulthood come from our sense of Identity and Belonging. Why? Because we question who we are and what we're meant to do. These questions tie directly to our sense of Identity, but they also tie into the concept of Belonging...… Continue reading Belonging & Community in Adulthood