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Free podcasts and videos that help with anti-racism (that I’ve listened to or watched)

Not everyone has the money for books or the time for lengthy reads, but we all can spare time to listen to podcasts and videos that are summing up a lot of what the books are saying. 

Nothing can REPLACE reading  a book, but so far I’ve seen authors and speakers share their views and black history. I’ve seen black YouTubers speak up. I’ve seen and heard some valuable stuff that makes me clap and go YES! at the TV.

So, here are just some of the stuff I’ve watched or listened to myself that I can say were valuable for sure.

(It’s really great to hear white people joining the conversation and admitting to their ignorance or complicity or privilege and vowing to change/educate themselves. Hopefully they practice what they preach.)



(Don’t have Spotify? That’s fine. All of these podcast episodes should also be available on Apple Podcasts, Pocket Casts, Castbox, etc.)

Brene Brown speaking time Austin Channing Brown (author of I’m Still Here: Black Dignity in a World Made for Whiteness)

Brene Brown speaking to Ibram X. Kendi (author of How to Be An Anti-Racist)

5 Lessons From Malcolm X by Jay Shetty’s On Purpose

Shame and Accountability by Brene Brown

Interview with Laverne Cox by Brene Brown

About Race by Reni Eddo-Lodge


YouTube videos

Jay Shetty on being a witness to black murder (soooooo powerful and emotional and true)

Silence is Violence, Jay Shetty

Racist Glasses (a funny, silly, video, but shows very clearly what we have come to believe about racial groups)

How to Be An Ally (very clear, very important, from a black woman)

America is the Fire Nation (funny but true! Has a key message in there)

Flight Attendant Teaches Racist Passenger a Lesson Prince EA

LOVED THIS VIDEO: The Philosophy Project on BLM (she’s white herself and speaks about the statues, white fragility, white pride, white privilege, horrid history)

Why We’re Racist & How It’s Our Fight Too by Amy Lee

What I think about black lives matter (Very deep and important from a white-passing mixed race woman)

Ibram X. Kendi: Stamped from the Beginning 

Ali Abdaal 5 Lessons I’ve Learned About Racism (so good and eye-opening!)

“But I’m not racist” (She was so spot on and it was great hearing all this from a white woman, thank you!)

American Education and Black Lives Matter

Lavendaire on Black Lives Matter and Humanity

Black Lives Matter is Trendy Now

Prince EA Why This Will Keep Happening

How to Make Better Decisions

Talk About Diversity and Inclusion

Seeing White Fragility

BookTube & Allyship

Being black on booktube and what it means to be an ally

10 books you MUST read to learn about racism


BLOG POST from Every Girl:


A Few Videos in the Watch Later playlist:

Let’s Get to the Root of Racial Injustice

Three Myths About Racism

Black LGBTQ Book Recs


Watching these should hopefully get the ball rolling and have YouTube begin to suggest other race related recommendations! So this is just the beginning and they’re not even that impressive.

TEDTalks are a good place to go.

There are ways to learn easily, so we all can and should. Thank you for your allyship.



S. xx

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