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Halfway Through 2020: What Now? (podcast)

Today I just wanted to reflect on it being the end of June and therefore we have finished 6 months of the year! How did that happen? Plus, we've had most of that time taken away from us, derailing our goals, our plans, and our lives. So, what do we do now, with another uncertain… Continue reading Halfway Through 2020: What Now? (podcast)

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“Wanting to help but scared to speak”

Hey, people. How you doing? I hope you’re okay! I've heard that some white people (and white-passing people) are feeling under pressure and are overwhelmed. I've heard that some are afraid to speak and get it wrong. Or some are speaking and they’re getting their heads bitten off! Let me just say, in case I… Continue reading “Wanting to help but scared to speak”

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Endings and Beginnings (podcast)

All things come to an end, but that ending also means a new beginning. We often focus on the negatives with endings and scary beginnings, but there is so much beauty in a fresh start and a prosperous new chapter. With Spring on its way, new beginnings and rebirth are things we should embrace more… Continue reading Endings and Beginnings (podcast)

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Stop Sprinting to the Finish Line (podcast)

In this ever-changing modern world that we live in, we feel pulled and pushed in many directions all at once. Our attention has become divided. We face comparisons and the Fear of Missing Out on a regular basis. And of course, with all this, we find ourselves sprinting to keep up or to make it… Continue reading Stop Sprinting to the Finish Line (podcast)

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Catastrophising: What it is and how to stop

Catastrophising is when you "view or present a situation as considerably worse than it actually is." I do this a lot! As someone with anxiety and who has been through depression many times, I've been told this term in my CBT sessions. That a common thing for us to do when low or anxious is to… Continue reading Catastrophising: What it is and how to stop

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What Does It Mean to Have Your Sh*t Together?

We all know the phrase "get your shit together" but what does it actually mean? It's often said when someone is losing in life or stressing/panicking/being overwhelmed by something. But what does it actually look and feel like to regularly "have your shit together"?   Balance I think to have your shit together, you must… Continue reading What Does It Mean to Have Your Sh*t Together?

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Podcast: How to Reinvent Yourself

In life, we all go through periods where we are forced into a transition or when we feel ready for one. This time of reinvention can be hard to navigate when you're uncomfortable and unsure. Here are some of my thoughts and tips about how to reinvent yourself in times of transition... Click to play!… Continue reading Podcast: How to Reinvent Yourself