20 Things to Adopt in Your Life for Peace and Joy

I wrote a post about 20 things to let go of in your life to feel lighter and happier. Now, here are 20 things that from adopting them in your life, you will feel a deeper sense of peace, happiness, and joy, too.

  1. Balance
  2. Forgiveness
  3. Presence (being in the here and now)
  4. Being open-minded
  5. Being wrong
  6. Saying Yes or No firmly without explanation (boundaries)
  7. Allyship
  8. Curiosity and experimentation
  9. Flexibility and adaptability (Resilience)
  10. Self-awareness
  11. Self-knowledge
  12. Understanding
  13. Empathy
  14. Listening deeply
  15. Connection and compassion
  16. Communicating yourself appropriately
  17. Focusing on what’s important (essentialism, minimalism, less F’s given)
  18. Self-made metrics for success and happiness
  19. Caring for yourself properly
  20. Self-trust

That’s my 20 things that are important to cultivate in your life if you want to feel more peace and joy rather than anger, anxiety and upset.


Take care.


S. xx

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