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Cultivating a Lifestyle-Based Mindset (podcast)

Today's podcast is talking about focusing on who you are and what you choose to do today. Not big goals and to-dos, but who and what you choose in each moment. I'm covering habits and consistency, while reflecting on the fact that who we become and what we do in life always comes back to… Continue reading Cultivating a Lifestyle-Based Mindset (podcast)

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The Dangers of Yearning (podcast)

We all yearn for things in life. The longing is what drives us forwards. This fantasy, this idea, it steals our attention and motivates us...or consumes us. What happens when the yearning takes over? When we believe more in the fantasy than reality? "Keep your feet on the ground as you daydream..." Click to play!… Continue reading The Dangers of Yearning (podcast)

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Your Insecurities Aren’t Special (podcast)

We all have insecurities, that much has always been clear; but what if I said we all have the same ones in common, it's just they manifest in different ways? Today I'm rambling and ranting about insecurities, emotional triggers, and our fear that we don't stake up. I'll be tackling the big three: Intelligence Body… Continue reading Your Insecurities Aren’t Special (podcast)

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Getting Unstuck: My 2020 Writing Manifesto

My good friend (fellow writer and author) and I have been doing a lot of soul-searching in quarantine. Interestingly, we both had the same mindsets going in: "plenty of time to write, woo!" but each (on our own) have come to new realisations that have set us free... Stop writing to publish... As people who… Continue reading Getting Unstuck: My 2020 Writing Manifesto


Journal Entry: How I Feel About Having Finished My First Year of Study

University is over for the year! Woo! This is how I feel having completed my first part-time module and first year of Open Uni...   Relief Of course, I feel a sense of relief. That pressure, that fear and unease is gone. I did all my assignments and got mostly 2:1s and one 1st (great… Continue reading Journal Entry: How I Feel About Having Finished My First Year of Study

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The Power is Yours: Give Yourself Permission (podcast)

We're not children anymore, we no longer have to look to our parents to give us permission to do or be what we want. Take your power back; stop seeking outside validation and permission. Give yourself permission... Here are some "permission slip" ideas to undo negative beliefs and lack of self-worth or self-power... Click to… Continue reading The Power is Yours: Give Yourself Permission (podcast)