Breath of fresh air – a mindset for Spring

Stop for a moment. You’ve arrived at this post for a reason. I’m here to tell you a secret:

You do not exist to produce and create.

Your presence in this life, this world, is not to please some grand plan or creator. It is not to produce and be of service to others. You are allowed to just exist.

Live, yes, but exist first.

What does this mean? This means freedom to just breathe. To just be. The headspace to think clearly and without purpose.

You are without purpose.

No, that doesn’t mean your existence is futile. Or that you have no direction; no point to your life. Instead it means anything and everything you could ever want it to mean. It means peace. I means the ability to live without panic and strain. That a day left unticked isn’t a wasted day.

A baffling notion in the Western world but one more of us can adopt. I’m not saying run loose, quit your job and become a nomad. I simply invite you to embrace existence as a goal.

Peace. Purposeless joy. Creativity without rules and confinement. Breath without labouring. Tension-less muscles. A flow state of being.

Hippie dippie, perhaps, but who cares? I don’t! Suddenly with this mindset we don’t care as much about what others think. We don’t care about arbitrary timelines and goalposts that we think will mean success for us.

This is very much a message for myself. I forget this all the time. I forget that I am a soul and a body and it is my choice to make meaning from my existence. That no one else is pulling my strings – not if I don’t allow them to do so.

We need jobs and money and people to survive but we get to choose which jobs, how much money we need, and who we invite into our space. The rest (how we fill our days) is up to us. We get to choose what we do with our time and energy. We get to choose joy and laughter and freedom and peace of self. We get to choose whether or not we decide to step into a ring for a boxing match with our fate or flow down a stream, enjoying the view as we go.

I’m a very ambitious person. I want things for my life. I’m not someone to sit back and let life pass me by. But I’m also someone who recognises the ugly face of competition, comparison, fear, hustle culture, money-chasing, disconnection and wonky ideas of success that seems rife in my society. I want to live a life at peace with myself, not at war with myself and the world around me. It’s not easy. At the end of the day I want to go to bed glowing gold, not black and blue with bruises.

What do you choose? A breath of fresh spring air, or a cyclic sprint on a hamster wheel that leaves you breathless?


S. xx

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