Shame & Shave (a poem)

Knowing what you shouldn’t have done

Isn’t enough to nullify

The searing embers that lap along

My skin, tearing it from my body.

Who am I? Who am I?

Beetles crawl as they scrawl the words

“Shame on you” into my palms

It tickles. It taunts.

Gulp, but not too hard

As I shave away the excess,

Careful not to slit my throat

Revealing myself for all to see.

I cannot hide behind this mask anymore

That suffocates and smothers

How do I breath again?

Piece myself back together again?

I forgive you?

I see you?

Me too?

Three questions that unlock the cage

Shave the shame from my soul

Freedom, is that you?

Let me in, though I sin

Let me in.

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