I choose to see it all

I choose to see myself as I am and could be, not through my fears and insecurities.

I choose to see the best in others, and reserve judgement for I can’t know what hides behind closed doors.

I choose to see the playfulness and lightness of life, even when the day feels long and tiring.

I choose to be open to change and opportunities, even when they terrify me.

I choose to look forwards and not hurt my neck by looking back.

I choose to laugh for the sake of it, all teeth and throat and belly.

I choose to smile and say hello to strangers, even if they don’t say it back.

I choose to determine myself and my accomplishments by my own self-made success criteria, not compare myself to others or condemn myself based on society’s beliefs.

I choose to set myself free by freeing my mind from limitations, fixed ideas, old beliefs, or other – again and again, as many times as needed.

I choose to wear the special occasion outfit on a normal day, feeling unapologetically good.

I choose to believe in myself, trust myself and do the things that bring my joy and excitement even if they’re hard.

I choose to be brave and tackle the things that I’m afraid of so they no longer have power over me.

I choose to look at my loved ones with fresh, fair eyes each day.

I choose compassion and understanding and kindness, even when kindness is the hardest thing to give.

I choose to believe that the world and the people in it can get better, if even by a small margin.

I choose to believe in myself and my ability to make the right choices, for the right reasons.

I choose to see it all through a new lens this year, switching out my old clouded glasses for new funky frames that allow me to see more clearly.


S. xx

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