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Pep Talk and Tips for Writers With Low Self Esteem

I’ve been hearing a phrase that I don’t like lately and I think it’s even more horrible coming from a writer’s mouth. “I need…” Why do I hate this? Because it sounds like desperation. I sounds like a task or a chore. Writing shouldn’t feel that way. Not at first, especially. You don’t need to… Continue reading Pep Talk and Tips for Writers With Low Self Esteem


Defining a challenge = defining success

This year I’ve challenged myself in many ways. My focus for 2022 was to enjoy myself and trust myself again, but I did end up tagging on a little extra in that I wanted to challenge myself quarterly (at least). And I’ve done that well so far; in fact I’ve challenged myself quite a lot… Continue reading Defining a challenge = defining success

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How to Consistently Work on a Project (podcast)

This August I plan to write a story, which will be a significant amount of words and take a lot of focus! If you, too, are working on a project right now, here are 20 ways to help you consistently show up for this project and get it completed without feeling burnt out or overwhelmed!… Continue reading How to Consistently Work on a Project (podcast)

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My Book Stats of the Year

Completed a total of 45 books! Non-fiction: 15 Fiction: 30 Fantasy: 20 (including sci-fic and dystopian) Contemporary: 10 Adult: 5 Middle-grade: 6 Young Adult: 14 Poetry: 2 Non-white authors: 13 Self-help/developmental: 10 Educational: 4 Favourite read: (Fic) Knife of Never Letting Go (Non-Fic) Sacred Powers Kindle reads: 17 Physical copies: 23 Audiobooks: 5, 42.61 hours… Continue reading My Book Stats of the Year