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25 Life Lessons at 25 Years Old

It’s my birthday!

I’m now 25; a quarter of a century years old! I feel like I’m in a good place personally, and so what I thought would be an awful transition into the second half of my 20s, has been a welcomed and enlightening experience instead. I have achieved a lot up until this point. I can’t genuinely say that I didn’t do anything “wrong” or doomed myself or anything drastic like that! I feel happy, is what I’m saying, with the life I’ve made for myself so far…

Yes, there’s a lot of time left to live (hopefully) and a lot I plan to do with it, but for now, I’m content.


Here are 25 life lessons I’ve found in my 25 years on this uncertain yet beautiful world we live in…

  1. There is no such thing are going “backwards” in life.
  2. A dog makes a bad day worth living.
  3. Healthy eating is delicious and not at all a punishment.
  4. Financial health is a priority: take that shiz seriously.
  5. Taking a break from something you love is OK.
  6. Do things before you’re “ready”.
  7. Accept fear’s presence and take that step anyway.
  8. You don’t NEED social media.
  9. Priorities, organisation and focus = time for what matters
  10. Pick your battles in life, not everyone and everything is an enemy for you to fight.
  11. A walk goes a long way to feeling better about anything.
  12. Have compassion and empathy for others, we all go through hard times.
  13. We all change physically and mentally all the time; also, we all SHOULD change in these ways.
  14. Don’t be afraid to commit to things in life; also, don’t be afraid to explore, experiment, be curious in life.
  15. Gratitude and an intentional perspective/narrative shift can do wonders for health and happiness.
  16. Health and happiness ALWAYS come first.
  17. Find a way to do what you have to do in a way that you enjoy (even a little!)
  18. Reading opens all sorts of doors.
  19. Taste the world: languages, cultures, lifestyles, cuisines.
  20. Give it time.
  21. The world won’t end from a bad grade, a bad day, an embarrassing moment, rejection, or something not working out.
  22. Tomorrow and yesterday haven’t got much to do with today; just live today.
  23. Just as you eat and move for your body, pay attention and act in accordance with what is good for your mind and spirit, too.
  24. Seriously, like SERIOUSLY, don’t take life so seriously.
  25. As long as you have a handful of good people, you can tackle anything in life.


Let me know your favourite life insights and epiphanies below! This is by no means an exhaustive list. There’s so much I’ve learned and want to share, but when it comes to writing it out, my mind goes a bit blank! But I am so grateful for my life so far and the things/people in it. I am excited to see what’s next but I’m learning to relax and take each step as they come.


Here are some resources that have helped me learn these lessons:

  • YouTube: Kalyn Nicholson, Lavendaire, Muchelle B, Nathaniel Drew, Matt D’Avella, Sorelle Amore, Erin May Henry, etc.
  • Podcasts: CoffeeTalk Podcast (Kalyn Nicholson), Lavendaire, Awesome with Alison, On Purpose (Jay Shetty), The School of Greatness and many others.
  • Books and authors speaking: Brene Brown, Elizabeth Gilbert, Oprah, Tim Ferris, Eckhart Tolle, Paulo Coehlo, Alan Watts, Pema Chodron,
  • Topics: Philosophy, Psychology, Self-Help, Self-Development, Spirituality, Mythology, History, Creativity and Self-Exploration/Discovery.
  • Journaling and Meditation
  • Walking


Take care.




S. xx

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