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Positive Mindset Shifts for Uncertain Times

During the time of the Coronavirus outbreak, we’re all feeling very afraid and uncertain. But this isn’t a new feeling. We all go through periods of uncertainty that make living our everyday lives hard.

Here are some general (and some specific) ideas about how to shift to a positive mindset during uncertain times.


Focus on the now and immediate concerns

In uncertain times, we can often skip to the panicking. We try, and ultimately fail, to control and fix and predict the future. Oftentimes, there is no fix; no easy one, anyway.

In times like this, we only drive ourselves crazy trying to fix things. This situation is outside of our immediate control. Therefore, all we can do is focus on the here and now. All we can do is take the next step forward as suggested by our government and the professionals on the frontlines. 

Focus inward and tackle what you can in your personal life with intentionality, clarity, and compassion for yourself. It’s okay that you feel off-balance, but there really is nothing more for you to do than live right now, as best as you can, and deal with one thing at a time.


Don’t make assumptions

When reading about the world right now, or reading and hearing about things in general, it can be easy to make assumptions based on a small amount of information. This is true for everything, actually. We often assume things about others, ourselves, life, the world, and all that.


One of the Four Agreements is to not make assumptions, and with good reason. Assumptions are no good for us…

They’re not fact, they’re fiction.

The opposite of assuming is gaining clarity. This means asking questions, doing research, and finding the truth (or as close to it). Right now, specifically, it’s very hard to know the truth because there is just so little we know about the virus and a cure/vaccine. And so, don’t assume the worst and don’t drive yourself crazy searching for an answer.

As odd or horrible as this may sound, we must just accept the uncertainty and breathe through the uneasiness of that.

It’s okay not to have all the answers, but live anyway.


Shift the mindset of lack

You must focus on what you have and what you can do, not what you don’t have or can’t do. Simple! If you focus on what you can’t control, again, you set yourself up for a panic attack. Instead, look to what you can do and do have.

Try this affirmation: I have everything I need. 


Spread positivity

We all have something to offer, so this is the time to share it and spread some fairy dust! Whether you give good advice and can share that; or you’re a great TikTok dancer and can share that; or you are a teacher who can share resources for children off school; whatever it is, share it. Help people in whatever way you can.

Helping others helps ourselves in return. It’s good Karma. Plus, it will help you focus on positivity amidst your own fears and uncertainty.


Rest, dance, play

Tell yourself that right now, it’s okay to take a step back from the rat-race. To breathe, take life a little slower, rest, dance, and play! Give yourself permission in these uncertain times to shake it off, reset, press pause, and give your aching mind some rest.


“Solutions are on their way”

I stole this affirmation from the Awesome with Alison podcast. I love the ideas and mindsets that she and her husband share, so definitely check that out. 

But this affirmation is perfect for right now and in general uncertain times in life. Like I say, we must step back and stop trying to control and manically find a solution. Instead, breathe and accept and convince yourself that you are safe and that solutions are on their way to you (or the world) and life will feel normal again at some point.


Break things down into manageable chunks

Break down your problem or your situation into manageable chunks. Simplify it, basically. This will look different depending on the situation.

  • List and break down options in front of you to help you make a decision
  • Turn “we are in a pandemic, the world is on fire, we’re all gonna die” into realistic, manageable chunks: “We must keep away from other people, for now, be extra aware and clean, and adapt to a new way of living from our homes
  • Get rid of the clutter, the excess ideas that aren’t important or aren’t serving you
  • Journal to get clear on your thoughts and feelings and even intentionally try to rewrite those thoughts into something more positive and manageable 


Learn as you go

During uncertain times, it’s a good idea to tell yourself that this is a learning curve. That we all go through times of not knowing what we are doing, thus learning along the way. Finding our feet. And that’s okay.

Right now, we aren’t all naturally accustom to staying home for most of the day. Therefore, we’re all learning how to do that on the job, as it were. Trial and error; taking each day as it comes.

Then, one day, you’ll realise that you’re much better at it and that you know how to better handle the uncertainty.


People are coming together (metaphorically)

In the pandemic situation, we must focus on the good right now. People are stepping up and doing some good…

  • Clapping every night out their windows for the health workers in Paris.
  • People in Italy singing and dancing on balconies, igniting the night with their music.
  • People using their delivery trucks to transport goods and medicine to nursing homes and the elderly. 
  • Nurses and doctors working tirelessly in dangerous environments.
  • How millions of people all clapped in the UK for the NHS staff at 8pm!
  • 82, 000 people (and counting) have recovered from the virus!
  • People donating and sharing foods and goods that people who really need it can’t get from stores.
  • Free resources from businesses; Audible giving kids books, for example.

People are showing their humanity, and that’s what we need to remember when we feel like the world right now is all doom and gloom.


Take care, all; you’re not alone.




S. xx


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