5 Things I Aim to Learn More About in 2021

My motto and guide for 2021 is to be a student of life. To learn instead of knowing and assuming. To learn and grow. To learn and be the beginner and be humble.

So here are 5 key things I want to learn more about in 2021…

  1. How to look after our planet
  2. Meatless or Meat Less meals and general health and nutrition
  3. Literature analysis
  4. Storytelling
  5. Other cultures and countries

It’s important to care for our planet and I want to get more serious about doing my part. That all starts with knowing the facts and knowing what I can do personally to do less harm and more good while I’m here on earth.

I want to try to eat less meat, especially red meat. This means learning more recipes, alternatives, spices etc to make my meals healthy and delicious! I can’t wait to get in the kitchen and discover more dishes that I enjoy that make me feel good.

Of course, my degree is basically an English degree. Right now, I’m doing a literature module. This means I’ll have the opportunity to learn more about storytelling and literature. Developing my skills of narration and character analysis is fun, rewarding and great for my writing skills.

My own skills of storytelling as a writer will hopefully get a lot of TLC in 2021. This year I completed a first draft manuscript of 75k and that was so fulfilling so I want to develop and explore worlds and characters again in 2021 with freedom and confidence.

And lastly, we really REALLY need a trip away! We haven’t been abroad for two years now and that’s just criminal. Hopefully Covid will allow us to hop on a plane and see some of the world again. Travel is important for us, our happiness and freedom. Our education and expansion. So I can’t wait to finally get invigorated by life by seeing the world’s wonders.

What do you want to learn in 2021?


S. xx

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