100 things to do in 2021 if life goes back to normal

  1. Eat more vegetarian meals
  2. Go to America (Biden’s America!)
  3. Go to Eurooe
  4. Go to Asia
  5. Go to South America
  6. Go to Africa
  7. Go to Oceania
  8. Redecorate your space
  9. Go to a theme park
  10. Learn a new skill
  11. Run in a race for charity
  12. Volunteer abroad
  13. Volunteer with animals
  14. Volunteer with kids
  15. Learn how to make cocktails
  16. Learn how to cook Mexican food
  17. Learn how to cook Japanese food
  18. Learn how to cook Jamaican food
  19. Learn how to cook Mediterranean food
  20. Build something from scratch
  21. Martial arts class – kickboxing, muay thai boxing, boxing, karate, Kung fu, aikido, judo, wrestling
  22. Learn how to swim
  23. Take up running
  24. Join a gym
  25. Join a sports team
  26. Dye your hair a different colour
  27. Write a novel
  28. Write a theatre play or screenplay
  29. Write a poetry collection
  30. Take a class (any class!)
  31. Learn to speak Japanese, Italian, Arabic, Punjabi, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese…
  32. Learn more about animals
  33. Spend a month abroad
  34. Support or create a social movement
  35. Study and practice environmental protection and sustainability
  36. Woodwork
  37. Yoga
  38. Meditation
  39. Act in a local play
  40. Learn how to play a musical instrument: violin, piano, keyboard, guitar, ukelele, flute,
  41. Learn to draw and/ or paint
  42. Upcycle your clothes or furniture
  43. Start a podcast or YouTube channel
  44. Learn about photography and film-making
  45. Get more certified and qualified for skills for jobs
  46. Read outside of your comfort zone (different genre, new authors, classics, bigger)
  47. Rescue a dog
  48. Watch the latest blockbuster films
  49. Start a blog or website
  50. Discover a new park to walk in
  51. Try rock climbing
  52. Try a new tea or coffee blend
  53. Try out a new cafe or restaurant
  54. Pick up some household/life skills like sewing, cooking, tinkering, building furniture etc.
  55. Listen to new music than you usually do
  56. Join a gym
  57. Start a running routine
  58. Join a fitness class
  59. Play and complete a video game
  60. Learn how to master a new board game
  61. Complete in quiz nights
  62. Complete a obstacle race like Wolf Run or Tough Mudder
  63. Learn how to code
  64. Learn more about money and smart finance
  65. Invest (correctly!)
  66. Saving for something(s) specific
  67. Host a party
  68. Host an event
  69. Meet some new people
  70. Become more professional in something you already do (upskill your writing, photography, job, blog etc.)
  71. Try out pottery
  72. Try out floral arrangement
  73. Attend a spiritual or religious event or place
  74. Learn more about our world history
  75. Learn more about the science of our world
  76. Get your driver’s license
  77. Sing for an audience
  78. Start a family
  79. Outside cinema experience
  80. Go snorkelling
  81. Go skydiving, bungee jumping, parasailing or something adrenaline-inducing
  82. Run a marathon
  83. Host a group film marathon at your house
  84. Move house/area
  85. Improve your vocabulary
  86. Swim in the ocean
  87. Go on a boat
  88. See one of the world’s top Wonders
  89. Start a professional social media account
  90. Delete and detox from social media
  91. Attend a stand-up comedy event
  92. Go to a concert
  93. Visit a friend you haven’t seen in a while
  94. Start journaling regularly and deeply
  95. See a therapist
  96. Learn more about technology
  97. Get acupuncture or reflexology
  98. Go watch a play in theatre
  99. Learn how to make your own clothes
  100. Forget about lists and just live your life freely!

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