A different New Year’s perspective

I think we need to bring balance to this New Year. Where we set goals or intentions or to-do lists, but we also let go of shame and anger that comes with not achieving those things. I’m someone who believes in ambition and doing your best and trying to improve. But I’m also learning about… Continue reading A different New Year’s perspective

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How Can We Live a More Content Life? (podcast)

Today I am discussing ways that we might be able to live a life of more peace, contentment and satisfaction without striving for perfection and lasting happiness which isn't achievable. (I might do a Part Two to this because of course, there is SO much that I could talk about and I only scratched the… Continue reading How Can We Live a More Content Life? (podcast)

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Embracing Life’s Grey Areas (podcast)

Today I'm talking about how things can be true and untrue at the same time and that's totally confusing and totally normal! So we should embrace the grey areas, speak in fewer extremes and certainty, and free ourselves with questions that have no definite answers! You're ugly and pretty! You're dumb and smart! You're free… Continue reading Embracing Life’s Grey Areas (podcast)