My achievements and life changes in 2020

  1. Finished my first year of part-time Open University with a 2:1 overall (on a creative writing module)
  2. Changed jobs to become a Teaching Assistant at a senior school, working with children who have special educational needs
  3. Read just over 40 books (highest number ever!)
  4. Completed the first draft of a new story/novel (75,000 word manuscript)
  5. Started writing a new story, my first fantasy dystopian!
  6. New story idea for a YA contemporary
  7. Completed training at work (upskilling)
  8. Completed 30-days of Yoga with Adriene
  9. Lost weight and then maintained a healthy body weight
  10. Moved out of my family home for the first time (renting not buying)
  11. Cooked new dishes – ramen, Spanish rice chicken and chorizo, cauliflower cheese, dauphinoise potatoes, homemade hash browns, jerk salmon,
  12. Decided to be more veggie conscious and environmentally conscious – thank you, David Attenborough!
  13. Read a lot of non-fiction
  14. Inspired and grown from tv shows, books, YouTube and spiritual/self awareness
  15. Looked after my natural curly Afro hair all year and still learning how best to look after them and style them
  16. Been responsible for my own group of SEN students in year 7 and learned so much about how to best do my job
  17. Read my first mystery book
  18. Read some classics
  19. Maintained my blog and podcast all year!
  20. And we got engaged!!!!

Not a bad year at all, in fact, it was everything I could have asked for and more. Thank you! I’m eternally grateful.

See you in 2021!


S. xx

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