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My Decade at a Glance: 14 to 24 years old

Here are the achievements and life milestones that I’ve completed over the last 10 years…

  1. 10 A*-C GCSEs achieved
  2. Finished the International Baccalaureate with 32 points
  3. Did a year of uni (Psychology with Criminology) and received a Certificate of Higher Education
  4. Worked at 6 different jobs (part-time, full-time, office, retail)
  5. Tried self-employment for a year (actually got clients and was paid to write for people!)
  6. Maintained a blog and was shortlisted as a finalist in the Mental Health Blogger Awards
  7. Maintained a podcast for a year and a half; YouTube videos
  8. Wrote and published 3 books; perfected and republished those books
  9. Wrote and didn’t publish 3 other complete manuscripts; many incomplete ones started
  10. Queried to agents and participated in writing competitions
  11. Overcome my issues with food
  12. Competed in sports competitions and won; did the Wolf Run last year
  13. Fell in love and have been committed for 5 years
  14. Travelled to 7 countries and many different cities around the world; including another continent (Africa)
  15. Travelled solo
  16. Rode a horse, swung from a building, parasailed, go-karted in Africa, safari, quad bike safari, Eiffel Tower, Colosseum, Pantheon, Venice, the Vatican, Amsterdam canal, caves on a boat…
  17. Got my first cat
  18. Got my first dog
  19. Got my driver’s license
  20. Made great friends
  21. Started and maintained a mental health support group for a year
  22. Hosted my own mental health awareness event
  23. Spoke as a guest at a fashion show mental health event
  24. Became better mentally and emotionally; battled anxiety and depression and inner demons
  25. Started studying for uni again with the Open University


It has been a good decade, really. A lot of ups and downs and pain and fear but also these great achievements and milestones. That’s life: balance. I seek more balance in the next decade; let’s see…

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