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Things To Consider When Trying To Change Your Life

Everyone wants to change their life at some point, especially around the New Year (Happy New Year, New Decade, by the way!). It usually involves some big ideas and motivations that essentially mean “I don’t want to live this way anymore…”

I’ve been there.

But here are some truths, some things to think about when planning to and starting to move forward with trying to change your life in 2020…


Change is slow

This is a big one. So many people start the New Year with good intentions, wanting to do their very best to change. But when the progress or results aren’t happening for them, they lose motivation and momentum. But the truth is change takes time. Sometimes a long time.

We see “get rich quick” and “lose weight fast” hacks all the time, and so we want to find the shortcuts to unbelievable life changes. But anything worth having takes time.

“A watched pot never boils!”

So, take your time. Make changing your life a part of your life. Try to enjoy the journey, not wish and wait on the so-called end destination.

Change is a process, not an end goal.

Plus, change is uncomfortable! The caterpillar goes through uncomfortable situations and growing pains when in the cocoon but it’s worth it to become a butterfly…



Trying to change your life without any real reasons or personal motivations is a great way to fail at changing your life! Doing things because other people said so, or you feel like you should, is not a good motivator. It may start off fine, but you will not commit longterm if you don’t have a personal why to your life changes.

You want to lose weight…but why?

You want to change career or make more money…but why?

Try to be clear, specific, and personal about your reasons why and you will find that you commit to your chosen changes more.


Get Out What You Put In

You can sign up to a gym, attend university, start going out more to meet more people, all of that is great, but…these things don’t guarantee successful change.

You get out what you put in to the things you do in life.

If you attend university but skip classes and take shortcuts, you may not succeed. If you get a gym membership but you barely go, nothing will change.

No one and nothing can change your life for you. You can take the right steps in the right direction, but if you don’t put in the effort and dedicate yourself to what you’re doing, you’ll fall short.

This is why you need to do what you’re doing for the right reasons, otherwise, it just won’t work for you.



When trying to change your life, you have to be realistic. As I said, change takes time, but it also takes focus and dedication. You can’t expect to change a hundred things about yourself and your life at once. You are a complex person; your life is complex. You can’t take a machete to it and tear it apart and expect to put everything back together in a way that feels good all a once.

Change takes a dedication to see things as they are, being careful when picking parts of yourself and your life apart, then reshaping the structure into something else.

Piece by piece. Brick by brick.

Don’t expect that by taking a class, for example, you will suddenly become a genius!

Don’t expect a six-pack stomach after a month of dieting and working out.

Don’t expect a six-month trip to South East Asia to change your life for you once you get back home.

Try to check your expectations. Don’t cling to what you want things to be, it only leads to disappointment. Take your time, enjoy the process, and allow change to work its magic.


Good luck and Happy 2020, guys!


Sincerely, S.




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