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Overall Health Checklist

Here are 50 things to check to ensure optimum healthiness in all areas of yourself and your life!

50 things to check for overall health


  1. Have you had your 5-a-Day?
  2. Walked for at least 30 minutes today?
  3. Have you exercised in some form?
  4. Stretched and moved your body aptly?
  5. In any pain? Does it need checking out?
  6. Maintained a healthy standing-to-sitting ratio?
  7. Had enough sunlight and nature?
  8. Are you comfortable where you are?
  9. Social time? Introverts and Extroverts have different social needs, remember that.
  10. Work-Life balance?
  11. Have you eaten enough? Eaten balanced today?
  12. Slept enough?
  13. What’s playing on your mind? Can it be dealt with in some way?
  14. Digestive system working well?
  15. Have you engaged your mind enough today? Reading, challenges?
  16. Had too much caffeine?
  17. Is your space clean and tidy?
  18. Are you feeling burnt out from overworking?
  19. Have you had enough time to engage your personal wants and needs? e.g. creative time, alone time, etc
  20. Feeling lonely? Feeling crowded?
  21. Have you dealt with your emotions appropriately today? e.g. Journaled, talked about it, confronted problems and triggers?
  22. Did you wake too late? Feel rushed, overtired, off?
  23. Procrastinating something? Avoiding something?
  24. Have you been watching too much TV today? Or other mindless activities?
  25. Are you feeling bored?
  26. Overwhelmed or stressed?
  27. Have you done an appropriate amount of planning and organisation for your weekly and daily tasks?
  28. Have you engaged in too much social media time?
  29. Have you got appropriate priorities?
  30. Has balanced been maintained in your day? Activities, people, tasks, work, life, food, movement, mental, physical, emotional, and so on.
  31. Are your check-ups up to date for doctors and appointments?
  32. Have you been triggered emotionally recently and not dealt with it?
  33. How’s the lightning and temperature where you are?
  34. Are you on top of your finances?
  35. Have you stayed in the same place all day?
  36. Are you feeling stuck right now? Could you take the time to figure out why? (Post about feeling stuck)
  37. Suffering from perfectionism? Self-sabotage, fears, limiting beliefs, unneeded pressures, Ego trouble?
  38. Have you had a bad social encounter recently?
  39. Are you having trouble with your routine? No routine, or too rigid a routine?
  40. Good hygiene maintained? Appearance?
  41. Enough water/ hydrated and nourished?
  42. Enough still and quiet time?
  43. Inspiration and motivation?
  44. Done enough of the things that make you happy?
  45. Gained perspective, mindset shift, or practised gratitude?
  46. Someone or something causing you trouble right now? What could you do to solve this?
  47. Worried about an event, deadline, or task? Anything you can do to solve this or think about it differently?
  48. Have you laughed today? Let loose with dancing, laughing, chitchatting, having sex, etc?
  49. Do you have goals, dreams, purpose, and drive in your life?
  50. Do you feel on top of things? In control of your life? Happy? Fulfilled? Challenged? Purposeful? Powerful? Strong?


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Stay healthy, Clan!

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