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Start a Friendship with Yourself

I won't pretend to be an expert on friendship! But I will try to explain that if the terms self-love, self-care, and self-compassion (etc.) don't resonate with you, then perhaps the term Friendship will sit better with you... Friends or Friendship is defined as "a person with whom one has a bond of mutual affection,… Continue reading Start a Friendship with Yourself

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Organisation and Decluttering Ideas at Home

It's April and so it's time for some Spring cleaning! Of course, with social distancing and self-isolation, too, it's a perfect opportunity to really get into the cleaning and organisation of your home and life.Why? Because a clean, orderly space, makes for a clean and orderly mind.It may feel like a daunting task at first,… Continue reading Organisation and Decluttering Ideas at Home

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Stop Sprinting to the Finish Line (podcast)

In this ever-changing modern world that we live in, we feel pulled and pushed in many directions all at once. Our attention has become divided. We face comparisons and the Fear of Missing Out on a regular basis. And of course, with all this, we find ourselves sprinting to keep up or to make it… Continue reading Stop Sprinting to the Finish Line (podcast)

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Overall Health Checklist

Here are 50 things to check to ensure optimum healthiness in all areas of yourself and your life!   Have you had your 5-a-Day? Walked for at least 30 minutes today? Have you exercised in some form? Stretched and moved your body aptly? In any pain? Does it need checking out? Maintained a healthy standing-to-sitting… Continue reading Overall Health Checklist

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Confidence Building Challenge Coming August!

What is the Confidence Challenge? The Confidence Challenge is a month-long challenge/topical discussion around the idea of confidence: how to be confident, building confidence, knowing yourself, trusting yourself, seeing yourself as you are and so on. Each day I will be posting a challenge for you all to complete that will help you to take… Continue reading Confidence Building Challenge Coming August!

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Podcast: Patience Will Save You

"Right now, you're just planting seeds. It may not look like much, people might look and not understand what you're doing, but one day you'll look over that field and realise that a beautiful rose garden has bloomed. And it was all worth it in the end for that wonderful view." Click to play!  … Continue reading Podcast: Patience Will Save You

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How To Support Someone With Depression or Anxiety

Apparently, not enough people know how to support someone with depression or anxiety. As these are the most common mental illnesses that all of us are likely to experience to some degree, I wanted to give my advice. (By the way, I have personally suffered from both, helped friends and family through both, and have… Continue reading How To Support Someone With Depression or Anxiety

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5 Things NOT to Say to Someone in a Rut

What have you done today? You may think that you're being kind and asking about their day, but the phrasing of this is important to note. You're not asking how their day was or if they're okay, you're asking what they've done. This then brings about some reactions: I must think of something productive or… Continue reading 5 Things NOT to Say to Someone in a Rut