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What Does It Mean to Have Your Sh*t Together?

We all know the phrase “get your shit together” but what does it actually mean? It’s often said when someone is losing in life or stressing/panicking/being overwhelmed by something. But what does it actually look and feel like to regularly “have your shit together“?

What Does It Mean to Have Your Shit Together_



I think to have your shit together, you must have a variety of pillars in your life. For this, I imagine the Personality Islands from Pixar’s Inside Out, which are parts of Riley’s personality and life that come together to make her who she is.

We all need this. We need more than one thing going on in our lives. More than one part of our personality and lifestyle.

But with these things comes a need for balance, too. Not too much of this compared to that. For example, we all work and usually, that takes up most of our time. However, it’s good to balance ourselves out with family obligations, hobbies, health and fitness, passions, learning and the like.

I think someone with their shit well and truly together will have this mastered! We all fall off at times, and life has its ebbs and flows, but someone with their shit together is aware of this and makes adjustments when needed.

You probably don’t really have your shit together if you’re stressed out juggling a million things, panicking and rushing more often than not, either!


Reading & Learning

Someone with their shit together knows that learning and education do not stop after school. Formal learning does not need to continue, but we should never stop learning new things.

In order to keep your shit together, you must keep your brain working to its best. This means exercising it like you would your body. By challenging ourselves and learning, we give our minds a workout.

Read all kinds of books. Take the information that you learn and teach others or put it into practice. Take online courses or local classes. Be curious and ask questions. Never stop educating yourself.


Making enough money

Having your shit together really needs to include our finances. Yes, sometimes things aren’t going to plan and our financial situation may suffer for whatever reason. However, someone with their shit together won’t let this happen too often, or they’ll have a safety blanket.

In a nutshell, they are financially aware and in control. They have budgeting plans, savings, multiple streams of income, investments, Excel Spreadsheets, an accountant, interest on their earnings, multiple pots for different things in life, and the like.

They know what’s coming in and what’s going out.


Knowing yourself

Strange one, maybe, but I think having your shit together means you know yourself well. Someone who does things without knowing why, or doesn’t have any goals or direction, or someone who holds onto opinions that have no source (and so on) aren’t people that seem all that “together” to me.

Your life needn’t be perfect. You needn’t be perfect. But a together person at least has some idea of who they are, what they want, and why. This may change over time, sure, but they are aware of it right now. And a together person will make choices and take action from this place of self-knowledge, meaning they live a more wholehearted, intentional, authentic life, too.

*Not yet knowing what you want in life doesn’t mean you don’t have your shit together. I mean that someone who just aimlessly acts or speaks without intention or self-knowledge is potentially not that together in who they are.*



And lastly, a together person is someone who is not too easily shaken by change, uncertainty or unexpected events. They are someone who knows themselves and what they want, yes, but also is prepared to adapt to life when needed.

It’s all about survival of the fittest.

Those who can adapt, evolve, are those who succeed and surpass others in life. Having your shit together means being equipped to adjust your shit when needed and do so without chaos!


How to get your shit together

  • Have what Kalyn Nicholson calls “G.Y.S.T. days” where you take a whole day to get your life, your routine, your home (etc.) back in order.
  • You can have “Life Admin” days like Muchelle B where you take a day to get the things done that you’ve been putting off, like your taxes, calling the doctor, servicing your car, decluttering your wardrobe, cleaning the fridge, and the like.
  • Do monthly (or even weekly) reviews to check-in with yourself and see what’s working, what’s not, and what you need to plan to do soon.
  • Journal to see where you head is at; tackle unhelpful thoughts, work on what needs work.
  • Take note of times where you’ve felt heavy negative emotions and see if it may be highlighting problem areas where you are out of alignment or unbalanced or where your “shit” is slipping!
  • Make a plan: if you know where you’re slipping, make an actionable plan and get to work. I did this for myself with how to organise my days better and waking up earlier.
  • Make Health a Priority: in every area of health, you should be ensuring you care about and for yourself. A healthy person is a together person. A healthy person can handle life better.

Last Thoughts

  • Having your shit together is not about never crying or feeling overwhelmed
  • It’s not about being perfect and never faltering
  • It’s not about being sure, confident, right, rich, smart, cool or whatever else

Having your shit together means you’re simply taking life into your own hands, rather than being at the mercy of circumstance.


So, if you don’t have your shit together, you’re really not alone! I certainly don’t. As funny as it may sound to say this phrase, it’s important not to let your “shit” slip too often.

Don’t stress yourself out trying to be perfect and always have it together. But on the other hand, don’t be ignorant, or deny your situation, or avoid your problems. See where your shit is slipping, and make a plan to get it together! You got this!

Good luck x

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