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How to Handle Adulthood (podcast)

Adulting is hard and nothing like we expected as kids. But we're here, we're adults, and it's something we have to try to succeed at! So what do we do? I have a number of key things that can help us to navigate adulthood a little better to ensure a healthy, happy experience. Click to… Continue reading How to Handle Adulthood (podcast)

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Finding Clarity: Resources for Seeking Clarity

WARNING! This page is going to be full of so much information that it will be overwhelming. But, this isn't about doing everything; suddenly buying all the books, subscribing to all the channels, or listening to all the podcasts. Instead, keep this page handy for whenever you are looking for some information and don't know… Continue reading Finding Clarity: Resources for Seeking Clarity

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What Does It Mean to Have Your Sh*t Together?

We all know the phrase "get your shit together" but what does it actually mean? It's often said when someone is losing in life or stressing/panicking/being overwhelmed by something. But what does it actually look and feel like to regularly "have your shit together"?   Balance I think to have your shit together, you must… Continue reading What Does It Mean to Have Your Sh*t Together?

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How Others See Us: Identity

*Part of the Identity Series*   When I asked my grandparents who they are, they couldn't answer. When I asked them how they thought others would describe them, they suddenly could answer. When I asked my mom, she listed some great things about herself, but then she said other people think this and that about… Continue reading How Others See Us: Identity

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Belonging & Community in Adulthood

*Part of the Identity Series* I believe that a lot of our personal struggles in adulthood come from our sense of Identity and Belonging. Why? Because we question who we are and what we're meant to do. These questions tie directly to our sense of Identity, but they also tie into the concept of Belonging...… Continue reading Belonging & Community in Adulthood