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New Content Update: Thought Pieces

I have a lot of thoughts, duh. And I think some of my thoughts would be cool to share but I haven’t quite known how. Some thoughts are just small ideas that can’t be made into full blog posts. And some are longer than Tweets. And so, I wanted to try out a new content direction.

I want to share thought pieces.

The thought pieces will be snippet posts that just briefly gloss over an idea for you (and me) to consider further on our own afterwards. If it resonates, great; if not, that’s fine too! It’s just nice to share ideas, I think, and so that’s what I want to do.

I don’t yet know what to call them, but here are my ideas so far:

“Thinking Out Loud”
“Thought Capture”
“Just Thinking”
“Today’s Thought”
“Thought Share”
“My Thoughts”
“My Thoughts Exactly”
“Think About It”

Let me know in the comments (etc.) if you have a favourite name or an idea of your own.

Thanks, speak soon x

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