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“Self-help” books I’ve read and enjoyed

These books aren’t all categorised as self-help and I think I agree with Leena Norms on YouTube who said that the genre “self-help” is a little confusing anyway. It’s not really self-help, it’s getting advice and help from someone else! And then using it yourself, which is what we do with anything we read, right? Anyway…

These are the ones I’ve read to completion, enjoyed, and used at one point in my life to change my mindset on things.


By Glennon Doyle. It was the first book I read this year and I loved it. Taught me to shun society’s rulebook and embrace my freedom as a woman.

Big Magic

By Elizabeth Gilbert (author of Eat, Pray, Love). I loved this book a couple of years ago. It granted me the permission to create freely, messily and for the hell of it. To not stifle my creativity with expectations and a need for a pay check.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

By Mark Manson. I read this last year and it helped me evaluate my values and what I hold as important. To shift my worries and cares to what matters most.

The Gifts of Imperfection

By Brene Brown

Rising Strong

By Brene Brown

Power of Vulnerability

By Brene Brown. Want to read some good self-help? Read Brene. She’s a researcher and so her books are based on real research and people. Real evidence! She will help you understand yourself on a deeper level and analyse that self for clarity and Emotional Intelligence.

Notes on a Nervous Planet

By Matt Haig. I listened to the audiobook in a day or two. It was everything I’ve wondered and worried about for our modern world. It was one of the contributing sources for my giving up social media. We need to unplug!

The Four Agreements

By Don Miguel Ruiz. Brilliant book I listened to last year. I need a re-read. It’s one of those that fixes your mindset after you’ve read it but need reminding of it. Don’t take things personally is my favourite agreement that I need to live by. Also Don’t make assumptions.

The Untethered Soul

By Michael Singer. Not an easy one and wouldn’t recommend to everyone. It’s about how we are simply pure consciousness and therefore our ego, personality, worries, possessions, and ties to the material are all just distractions. We are in the watchers seat, witnessing our experiences.

Sacred Powers

By David Ji. Again, more spiritual and not for everyone. However, if you’re into spirituality or gaining more inner connection and clarity, I strongly recommend. My shift in mindset and mental clarity from digging deep last year came from this book as it walks you through exercises and journaling.

What I Know For Sure

By Oprah. I mean…It’s Oprah so…

Path Made Clear

By Oprah. I listened to this, great little tidbits of advice.

Emotional Intelligence

Good foundation for learning more about emotional Intelligence and how to better manage yourself.

Eat, Pray, Love

By Elizabeth Gilbert. Not all that self-help-y in my eyes but people adore this. I think I just liked her writing style and how she was on a journey of self which I dig.

The Alchemist

By Paulo Coelho. A very popular spiritual book. If you haven’t read it, do! Not for everyone as it’s very sort of fairy tale or fable in structure. It’s about seeing the omens in life as they lead your along your path.

The Obstacle is the Way

By Ryan Holiday. Good book but I expected better. Gets repetitive after a while but you can’t be reminded too much how capable you are of moving, climbing, or destroying an obstacle in your way like a badass Stoic!

You’re As Mad As I Am

By S. R. Crawford. Okay, this is my book! Of course I had to plug my own in here as technically I’ve read this many times! It runs through everything I know so far about fixing and maintaining good mental health even as someone like me who is prone to anxiety and depression as disorders.

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