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Powerlessness – a poem

Dry cracked palms pray –

For better, better than this.

Broken promises pierce pockets

Pennies pouring into bottomless pits

Foreigners found on shores –


Beautiful black men hands high


Same-sex Lovers lying in arms


We plead. We pray. We play along…

From high white thrones –

They cackle. Monstrous men mighty.

Footprints stamped on our foreheads

They can’t hear us

Through the 6ft of dirt

Between us.

Forcing foreign tongues to speak English

So they can be rejected

In both languages.

Cross a soulless sea to be sent back

The poor climb ladders

Only to find snakes and fall

And you placed them all –

So clever!

We were never allowed

To win this game.

No. You designed it

So that we would think we were playing

When all along

You already won.

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