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Do We Need to Categorise Ourselves with Labels? (podcast)

I provide a whistle-stop tour on our poor categorisation skills, how complicated the whole business can get, and share some ideas about perhaps scrapping it all together!

Hank Green’s video on Sexuality that I mentioned here

Your identity will never be something you could write out on a sheet of paper, listing with words and labels who you are, because you will always be so much more than that.

Click to play!

Additional notes about the episode (afterthought!)

  • Unless you want to have sex with someone, what does this sexual identity matter, really?
  • The colour of someone’s skin doesn’t tell us anything about them as a person, but their heritage might and again, it might not!
  • List of sexual orientations
  • Key takeaway: Be okay with answering “I’m not sure about that, I think I’m a lot of things” and allowing yourself not to be minimised into a neat box.


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