The Next Right Step

Inspired by Frozen 2: when in doubt, when you’re afraid, just take the next right step…

If you are someone who’s a bit worried about the new year because you’re unsure of what to do next, then my advice to you would be to bear this in mind. Just take the next right step. Whatever you’re thinking, whatever is bothering you, don’t overcomplicate it: just take the next right step…


Don’t look too far ahead

The next right step mostly means thinking about, and focusing on, simply the step right in front of you. To take that step, and that step alone. You needn’t think about the steps after that, or what this step may lead to. Just take the step which feels right for you.

“You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” – Martin Luther King Jr.


Don’t plan and predict

Similarly, don’t try to control and plan ahead for what may happen. If something feels like the natural and next right step, then take it. See what happens. Take life less seriously.

We all have a tendency to think too much sometimes. To place too much weight on every decision we make. Yes, we should think things through; we should take calculated risks. But not everything needs to be weighed up, planned, predicted, and controlled that much.

Let go, take the step, find your footing as you go…


Don’t overthink it

Overthinking every decision is a fast-track ticket to overwhelm and stress. I know, I’ve been there many times before! The thing is, we can think something over until we’re blue in the face, but that doesn’t mean we are, necessarily, any more likely to find a perfect solution to our situation.

It is not possible to think yourself into a place of happiness and perfection.

Don’t think about every little detail. The more you think about something, the more likely you are to think yourself out of doing it. Don’t self-sabotage, don’t let fear win.


Even if it’s a mistake…

And even if what you do is a “mistake,” you can always fix it. Mistakes, missteps, failures are all so scary but usually, when they happen, they’re not as bad as we thought they would be. Some mistakes can stay with you for a long time and feel painful, but I believe we can sort of fix the past by changing our perspective of it or literally rectifying the mistake.

Remember these:

  • You can always make a different choice.
  • Nothing is permanent; everything is temporary.
  • You are not a tree: if you’re unhappy, move!
  • No one else lives your life but you, don’t take advice or criticism too seriously.

How else are you supposed to find what works in life if you never take any chances or any steps?


Last Thoughts

As long as you have a support system, a vision for what you want, and the brave and creative heart to go after what feels right, you will be okay. Trust yourself to do what needs to be done in any situation. You may fall down along the road, but it’s all a learning curve. You’ll learn about yourself, others, and this wonderfully weird world we live in by simply taking steps forward.

In 2020, I dare you to experiment with life. To take steps that feel right without worrying too much about the grand scheme of things. Life is to be lived; as long as you do so with a smart head on your shoulders, you won’t go too wrong.




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