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How to Take Life Less Seriously

As I said in one of my old posts, the three morals of my current story are:

  1. Be You
  2. Learn to Adapt
  3. Take Life Less Seriously

Today I wanted to discuss how and why we should follow the third point if we want success and happiness in our lives…


Slow down

Hold up! Pause! Breathe! Slow down!

People who take life less seriously aren’t in the business of rushing through it. They allow themselves to take breaks, to slow down, to press pause, to try again tomorrow. This is not to say that they take their goals less seriously, it just means they take the whole life game less seriously.

Slowing down doesn’t mean you’re giving up on your goals. Taking a break doesn’t mean you’re going to fail or fall behind.

Better to take a break or slow down, than to run yourself into a wall of exhaustation and unhappiness.



Taking life less seriously means you must, of course, learn to laugh more. Laugh at shitty situations. Laugh at funny things. Laugh at funny people. Laugh at things that are cheesy! But most importantly, laugh at yourself.

I need to learn this one. I get embarrassed and self-conscious too easily. If I was better at laughing at myself, I’d laugh when I fail, stumble, or make mistakes. I’d laugh at myself in the gym; I’d laugh when a blog post has a mistake in it; I’d laugh after a bad review.

Because trust me, it’s better to laugh than cry.

Laughing doesn’t mean you don’t take yourself or your pursuits seriously; it just means you’ve chosen not to let everything get inside and hurt you.

There’s no need to let every failure hurt so damn much. There’s going to be plenty of low points and mistakes in your life, so better to learn from them and laugh in the process, than let it break you.

Plus, remember to surround yourself with fun, funny, and free-spirited people. Their energy rubs off on you.


Listen to music

Somewhere down the line, I stopped listening to music. Gasp, I know! My partner loves music, so I listen whenever he’s around or in the car, but other than that, I barely do. Somehow, I got into the habit of listening to Audiobooks or Podcasts whenever I listened to things. Or if I’m working, I’ll listen to instrumental music and Movie Scores, not music with beats and lyrics that make me want to dance.

Now, I’m happy that I’m productive enough to listen to podcasts and audiobooks when I’m on the move, thus learning and consuming information whenever possible. Using and nurturing my mind. HOWEVER, this is not how one takes life less seriously!

Music feeds the soul. Music lifts the spirit. Music makes us dance and move and connect with one another. It feeds the heart. Yes, we should be learning and growing but that’s not at the expense of dancing, moving, and feeding the heart, too.


Go with the flow

People who take life less seriously are more inclined towards going with the flow than planning things out. I’m definitely a planner at heart, and as someone with big writing projects and big dreams, a plan is a good thing to have.

HOWEVER, you also need to learn how to go with the flow; learn to let go of the plan when needed.

This is adaptability and I think a person is more likely to reach success and happiness if they can adapt and change things up when necessary, instead of sticking to a plan all the time.

Because you can’t plan for everything. The vision you have in your head of how your life is going to go is most certainly not going to happen. If you don’t learn how to go with the flow, then you will suffer disappointment after disappointment. You will be stressed and depressed in no time at all.

So, let go of the to-do list and the plan every once in a while. Don’t be knocked sideways when things go differently than you imagined. And learn to say Yes to opportunities, even if you didn’t expect them (we often don’t).


Take risks

People who are well-practised in taking life less seriously will take more risks. They care less about the potential dangers that come with risk-taking. They just go for it.

Life’s too short after all…

I’ve seen lately just how quickly things change. Time just shoots on by and if we’re not careful, we’ll be old and looking back realising that we didn’t truly live.

To live is to take risks. To live is to choose the excitement of a thing over the fear of it.

So, ask the guy out. Dare to love big. Write the book. Start the podcast. Start the business.

*Calculated risks are advised, just never get caught up in the calculating stage forever…


Be you

If you’re taking life less seriously, you realise life’s too short to be anything but your true authentic Self. You don’t apologise for who you are. You do you without hiding or shrinking.

Be you, beautifully, truly, unapologetically

So, wear whatever you want. Say whatever you want (as long as it doesn’t hurt others!). Create whatever is in your heart. Express yourself and love yourself and don’t let anyone stop you doing it.

Life’s fun when you don’t allow yourself to be restricted by the seriousness of an oppressive society and it’s norms!


Don’t think too much

I really need to stop thinking about everything. About every conversation, encounter, chore, task, project, film, tv show, book, meal, walk, everything! It’s maddening.

We all have goals and dreams and projects and aspirations. It’s great! But thinking about them too much doesn’t actually help you achieve them. It doesn’t guarantee success. It’ll probably just drive you crazy and steal your happiness in the process.

Thinking too much is how we talk ourselves out of things, too. I recently thought myself into a fit of panic. I have anxiety but this is no excuse! I know how to do and be better, yet I let myself think myself into a frenzy.

Thinking is important, of course it is, but we also need to learn how to switch it off. To think less and do more.

Stop thinking about your dreams, get busy making them happen instead.

Life’s not that serious. Just take a step, do that thing, and see what happens. Simple.


Channel your inner child

Kids don’t take life seriously. We grow up and get too serious. I get it; we have bills and jobs and responsibility. But who says that we should also stop playing, laughing, getting our knees dirty, and colouring outside of the lines?

Speak to your inner child and ask yourself: “What would 10 year old me do?”

*10 year old me nearly always says, “let’s go into another world…


Don’t worry about severity

Those who are taking life less seriously don’t worry about how seriously they’re taking life! They just live. They don’t compare themselves to others or worry about meeting expectations or norms.

They just live.

So go do that (yeah you, Siana)…


What really matters

When you’re dying, you won’t be thinking about all the things that you probably take so seriously on a regular basis. What he said to you, how she treated you, how silly you looked that day – none of it matters! We all have a knack for making things matter that just don’t hold any value in the grand scheme of things.


This is what really matters in life:

  • How you made people feel (Maya Angelou said that)
  • How much you see, feel, taste, and hear
  • The amazing souls you experienced
  • If you dared to make your dreams a reality
  • Who you loved and how much you let yourself be loved
  • How much you loved yourself
  • How much you laughed, and cried, and fell silent in awe of things
  • What you created and how much you shared your soul


Perspective is a beautiful thing. Get some, and go take life less seriously. It will probably help you live to the fullest…


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