What my new year motto means to me

This year, the interesting-sounding 2022, my motto is:

Trust and enjoy yourself

Simple, yes, but powerful. Here’s why. Perhaps joy is something not put first but it is actually a profound and important way to progress and be happy in life.

If you decide to just do things because you enjoy them, and trust that instinct, it can’t really lead you wrong, right?

You’ll feel happier because more of what brings you joy is in your day to day life. And you’re not telling yourself “I should be doing something else” which only steals from your joy.

As Hank Green said,

“You will always struggle with not feeling productive until you accept that your own joy can be something that you produce.”

And isn’t that just beautiful? We don’t allow ourselves to seek just joy. It has to be happiness and success and achievement and money and glory.

What happened to doing something for the pure act of doing it? The joy that it brings?

And of course, I don’t mean toxic things. The joy of junk food everyday or going back to bad relationships.

Instead, the joy of running like a mad man in the park. The joy of playing video games with your friends. The joy of singing and dancing like no one is watching!

Because no one is watching…

No one really cares about your “success”. Sad, perhaps. But I see it as liberating. I can take my time and enjoy myself towards success. Because no one is timing me and pushing me and berating me for not getting there quicker or doing this life thing in the “right way”.

There is no right way.

So to enjoy my life means feeling like I’m doing more of what brings me joy. That I feel confident in my choices because it’s what I’m called to in terms of joy and enjoyment. To trust myself because I’m choosing my joy thus choosing feel-good vibes only.

I’m not avoiding habits or goals. I’m not avoiding life, pain, or progress. It’s just not my focus. Or rather, my intention behind any habits and goals is enjoyment.

So if I want to move my body more actively, can I do that from a place of joy? What does it look like to sweat and be breathless but be happy about it?!

If I want to see new things and do new things, how can I make this easy and joyful and trust that it’s the right things?

If I want to read more, what would make it enjoyable (I’m pretty good at this by now anyway, but you get that idea).

My 2022 will be a success if I can look back and know that I confidently enjoyed myself. I didn’t let external factors take my joy away. I trusted myself and had fun and progressed without pushing. I saw new things, did new things, grew as a person, while smiling and running towards these things instead of running away from who I am.

What’s your motto for 2022?


S. xx

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