My 2021 Overview

  1. Completed a draft of a MG novel at 45k words
  2. Started 4 more novels – wrote 20k words towards these
  3. Read 41 books
  4. Read books that were more diverse, which is very important to me
  5. Maintained my podcast and blog semi-regularly
  6. Went to Swansea beaches and hiked to Old Harry Rocks
  7. Moved house to a better area and better house; made a happier home
  8. Got a 1st in my final literature essay (40% of my grade)
  9. Got a 1st for my literature module over all (how the hell did that happen?!)
  10. Secured a solid 2:1 for second year of Uni over all (including last year’s module)
  11. Rode my new bike for a few months
  12. Lost some weight (wasn’t aiming to, but “needed” to a bit, so this is a positive)
  13. Started therapy again and it was very helpful
  14. Massages and spa day, relaxing with my partner
  15. Made my first pumpkin pie and sweet potato pie for the festive seasons
  16. Patrick’s American Football awards evening, where he won two awards!!
  17. Time with my new nephew, Ezekiel
  18. Pub quiz night and didn’t lose! Made some new connections
  19. Pumpkin carving and pumpkin spiced latte Halloween vibes
  20. Many HelloFresh meals and trying new foods, such as: squash, aubergine, rigatoni, risotto,
  21. Family bbq fun
  22. Tried new hairstyles
  23. Met my cousin’s new baby, Kai
  24. Our friends came over to our new house
  25. Christmas Eve celebration at our new house with the in-laws, fun family quiz
  26. Christmas Day at new house with my mom – we cooked Christmas dinner
  27. Boxing Day with our nephew for the first time!
  28. Great films watched at the cinema

I hope you had a great year, here’s to another (even better, perhaps?). I’m grateful for all the good and welcome more of the same…

Happy New Year!


S. xx

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