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Quarterly Review and Reflections 2020

With it now being April, we have moved into the second quarter of the year and Spring to boot. Therefore, this is the perfect time to look back and reflect on a few things…

(Read to the end and download a workbook to help guide you through your quarterly review!)

quarterly review and reflection 2020


How are the resolutions/ goals/ self promises/ intentions that you set at the beginning of the year going?

The first thing to review are how your resolutions are going. We often set goals or resolutions at the start of the year, but they usually get left behind come March! Therefore, this is the perfect time to see whether those intentions you set are still resonating with you.

Do you still want to do those things? Can you?

Are they working?

Does it fit your life right now (things change)?


What have you learned so far about yourself, your life, the world?

No review or reflection goes without considering what you have learned so far along the way. Lessons come in all forms, bad or good, consciously or not.

Think back: what do you know now, or are clearer on now, than you were 3 months ago?


What has worked well?

This is where you think about all the things that have gone right in the last 3 months. What did you do well? What great things happened to or for you? Are any goals really working, perhaps ahead of schedule? Did you complete any goals?


What has worked not so well?

And of course, you must consider what hasn’t been working for you? What has failed, set you back, or felt wrong in the last 3 months? These things should be the focus of your plans for later…


What could you change or adjust?

Whether it’s something going well or going wrong, adapting and making adjustments is important for success.

How can things go even better? How can you challenge yourself further?

How can the things that aren’t working be discarded and replaced with something else? How can you find a new way of tackling something that’s not working?

Consider your habits and routines…



What is the best thing that has happened in the last 3 months? How did it feel? Why was it a highlight for 2020 so far?



And what’s the worst thing that has happened in the last 3 months? How did it feel? Why was it so bad? Why did it happen and how could you prevent it from happening again?

(Of course, most of us will list the Coronavirus as our lowest point this year, especially if it has affected you personally. However, try to find some positives at this time, and also find another, more personal lowlight for the last 3 months to work on)


Steps forward from here…

Lastly, no review or reflection on how your life is going is worth doing without actually using that information to make a plan and make a change. So, with what you have considered so far, what are your steps forward from here?

Could you set new “resolutions” or goals for the year that better reflect your current life situation?

How can you use the lessons you’ve learned to impact your life?

How will you keep up momentum on the things that are working?

How will you fix what isn’t working?


There you go, some ideas for your Spring/April quarterly review and reflection of the last 3 months. How’s it been going for you? How will you ensure the next 3 months work well for you?


Download the Quarterly Review Workbook to help you fill out your reflections for FREE!


Good luck!




S. xx

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