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End of the World

The other day my grandfather said something very deep to me, that he could feel the coming of the End of the World. This sounds dramatic and he’s a religious man so he was coming from the perspective of the Bible and the Apocalypse. But when I thought about it, I saw that he was right.

The signs for the End of the World are there.

Let me explain.

Everything is looking a little bleak right now. Poor leadership in many countries, including my own. Bad decisions being made in the form of segregation and divide instead of peace and unity. Extreme poverty. Famine. Water crisis. Global Warming. Overpopulation. Immigration issues. Terrorism. Gun violence.

To name a select few…

All you hear on the news is mayhem, it’s no wonder we’re all afraid.

And so yes, I get what my grandad meant. It does feel like the world is going to shit, at lack of a better word.

But then I was listening to Oprah Winfrey’s book “The Path Made Clear” on Audible and it made me think. Struggle, strife, and even disaster is necessary for change. New things often come from the ashes of old things.

So, the End of the World isn’t an apocalypse, necessarily, but the end of the world as we know it, and thus the coming of a new age…


Evolution comes from change, but things sometimes have to be really bad and not working before evolution happens. It’s like loads of mistakes need to be made before nature (or other) clues up and adapts itself to make room for something better.

Our world wars were perhaps necessary for the world that we have now. It divided us and then it unified us. We formed alliances, adopted important international relationships that last to this day, and learned a lot about one another.

The toxicity of the drug-eras brought forth harm and deaths but also the understanding and fear that then alerted us to the need for regulation and law.

Sadly, sometimes, only in lack and depravity do we finally seek better for ourselves and make the hard changes.


So, I don’t think we’re necessarily talking about a post-apocalyptic world that we’re going to be forced to live in a ten, twenty years’ time. Instead, I think a big change will come that won’t be easy or perhaps welcomed, but it will be needed.

Out with the old, in with the new.

Our world got so comfortable pushing forwards that we didn’t stop to look around at what these things were doing to the planet, the animals, and even the people and societies. That was our mistake.

We are broken, or perhaps still breaking, but it is up to us whether that will lead to our demise or a resurrection that means we’re born anew.

Will we be a dead caterpillar or a butterfly in flight?


What can we do?

  • Be the change: Aid in a positive change that helps better the world, but that starts with bettering yourself and your own perspective.
  • Take care: Look after yourself and the world; if we care for it and others, perhaps we can make the transition easier and more beautiful.
  • Think forwards: Ask yourself questions about what an ideal future would look like; not flying cars and trips to the moon, but what would really make our world a better place for all?
  • See the toxicity & the beauty: Save what we can, and cut out what no longer serves us and our world.

Just some food for thought there.


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