Addicted Society: Things we don’t realise we’re addicted to

*I am not discounting "real" addictions. Addiction is serious, scary, and important to separate from other things. By 'addiction' in this post, I mean unhealthy dependency and obsession.* Food We can't stop eating. We socialise around food, talk about food. We eat when we're happy, sad, celebrating, angry, bored. We eat our feelings. We eat… Continue reading Addicted Society: Things we don’t realise we’re addicted to

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Endings and Beginnings (podcast)

All things come to an end, but that ending also means a new beginning. We often focus on the negatives with endings and scary beginnings, but there is so much beauty in a fresh start and a prosperous new chapter. With Spring on its way, new beginnings and rebirth are things we should embrace more… Continue reading Endings and Beginnings (podcast)

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The Wisdom to Know the Difference (podcast)

“Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” In today's podcast, we're talking about how to gain the wisdom to know the difference between what you should and shouldn't do in life... Click to play! *as mentioned in… Continue reading The Wisdom to Know the Difference (podcast)

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Podcast: How to Reinvent Yourself

In life, we all go through periods where we are forced into a transition or when we feel ready for one. This time of reinvention can be hard to navigate when you're uncomfortable and unsure. Here are some of my thoughts and tips about how to reinvent yourself in times of transition... Click to play!… Continue reading Podcast: How to Reinvent Yourself